4. Spotify. Pages from the highly sought after, but never published for sale, 1982 DC Comics Style Guide. Would you expect anything less from the iconic space program? 03. You may be curious how collateral turns out when you have a style guide, and the images below are great examples. Many elements for data visualization are defined, such as pie charts, line charts, numbers, and more. Source: Standards Manual. For this post I’ve scoured the web to find some beautiful examples of corporate brand style guides.. For those of you who don’t know: a style guide outlines your brand ID. This style guide example is created for a complex dashboard. Our copywriting guide helps us stay committed to writing well thought content. This template is made to showcase all those parts of your brand. IBM's style guide is just as thorough as you'd expect for a company that's built a reputation for embracing a culture led by design thinking. 6. This is what a modern design style guide looks like. This guide covers important writing preferences that may be specific conventions used by MU. 5. These images were used for marketing and licensing while also serving as reference material for other artists. For one thing, it’s simple, clean page design makes it easy to understand. The brand manual and style guide has a very close relationship. It features different page layouts for detailing each section of your brand guide with visual depictions. HHS.gov Style Guide Underage Drinking Prevention National Media Campaign Style Guide, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (PDF, 285 KB, 4 pgs) HHS Web Style Guide; U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) VA.gov Content Style Guide; U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) EIA Writing Style Guide (PDF, 1.3 MB, 139 pgs) The best way to learn about style guides is to copy what others are doing and make it your own. NASA. Here is an excerpt from Terra Prima’s style guide , and you’ll see in the next two images how this single page is applied to different media. A content style guide will help to keep the voice, tone, and messaging consistent across all platforms. NASA's 1975 style guide is an absolute must see for any designer due to the intricate examples of specific graphics for every shuttle, telescope, and spacecraft. MU recommends following the guidelines of the Chicago Manual of Style and, for spelling, the Canadian Oxford Dictionary. It covers everything from font styles to logo positioning, from specific color codes to patterns used. 1982 DC Comics Style Guide. It is an ideal example of how to create a UI style guide for websites/apps in which there is a need to visualize data clearly. Like the colors, fonts, and logo guidelines. It helps build your app by ensuring that typography and UI elements are used in the same way all the time, hooked directly into the same CSS so that any updates will be automatically reflected in the guide. Style Guide 101 Style guides, also known as style manuals in other circles, are sets of standards followed by specific brands when it comes to identifying their brand. The well presented online guide covers everything from typography to app icons and how the branding can be used in motion. Mailchimp’s content style guide and voice and tone guide, served as great references throughout our process. Starbucks’ style guide is easy to understand. Although Starbucks’ style guide focuses more on visuals than on text, and isn’t as comprehensive as other examples listed here, there are still important lessons to glean from it. Spotify's style guide goes more in-depth than just its branded colors and logo guidelines. UI Style Guide Example for Dashboards. UI style guide created to keep as a reference and make sure the user interface is consistent across the board. We strive to use language that is clear and simple. Voice, tone, grammar and formatting all contribute to the quality of our content. Though the guide will include general rules about these aspects of writing, it will also contain specific instructions and rules. Related Resources. In the UX Writing Hub’s training The style guide, however, emphasizes the design aspect of your brand.