Is the Squier Affinity Series Telecaster Any Good? And having a 19 pound amp beats trying to carry two 50 pound Ampeg cabinets. I had tried these out in the store and knew what I was buying for $240. Updated September 23, 2019 By Den Leave a Comment The Squier Standard Telecaster is the top of the line among the Squier Series Telecaster. For the money, Squier guitars sound just fine. (I always felt insecure leaving that Gibson anywhere i couldn't be within arms reach of her and no one can call me any name i have not already called myself and still do 20 years later believe me. I have a 2016 Haruna Ono 'Scandal' signature edition Squire branded Telecaster. I have to say when i was younger i always wanted to have dream guitar with a leather pickguard and other stuff. As for me, I think they're close, but it's still tough to beat a real Fender, even the Standards. I purchased a Squier Affinity combo pack for my daughter. Squier Standard Telecaster review. This review will look at the good and bad of Squier by Fender. I immediately ordered a high quality control plate switch and potentiometer upgrade with treble bleed circuit and a set of Vintage Fender Telecaster pickups (reissue of first generation Fender Tele PUPs). Great for traveling and gigs. I bought a Classic Vibe Tele 5 years ago and my biggest GAS regret was selling it 2 years later; now they're ~£100 more expensive new. Squier guitars and basses are among the most popular instruments sold online and in guitar shops around the world. Best advice - get the best one you can currently afford and just play, goof off and "suck" at guitar playing.... and get one you dig so you will want to pick it up and love it. I bought one and I was so impressed I bought three more! Overview of Squier Affinity Telecaster. To me, yes a little bit but at least I stayed in the family. If you don't want to get a real Fender but you want a quality guitar at a low price, you would be better served taking the time to look for a Made in Japan Fender, which are generally quite cheap and are in my opinion much better quality than Made in Mexico Fenders, and even the lower regions of the real Fenders. I had 4 American Strats - while not the same quality, it was a fun guitar to play and sounded like a Strat. Comparing Squier to Fender isn’t realistic, and you would only be setting yourself up for disappointment. With a price point at $449.99, the Squier by Fender Classic Vibe '70s Telecaster Custom MN 3TS is a good choice. I looked & refused to look at a Squier. By the time we're done, you'll have a better idea of what these guitars can do for you, and whether they are a good fit for your budget and skill level. This makes them accessible to beginning guitarists, or even experienced players looking for a solid foundation for a project guitar. I was looking at the Squire Thin line but at a cost of $449.00 I would highly disappointed if pickups had to be replaced, fret work had to be topped and, tuning issues being unreliable. I found what I was looking for in this red Squier. I don’t know what it is about these guitars but I find myself getting my tuner out every 4th or 5th tuning session, which I haven’t had to do with any other of my guitars. I really like the squire as well and will not ever sell it.. Squier are good all the way through. Definently the mist favorite guitar in my collection, because of the countless hours of perfection that I achieved on it. Again, Squier is hoping to please a demographic of beginning guitarists, not veteran tone freaks who are extremely picky. Guitar Gopher (author) on September 21, 2014: Thanks for your 2 cents, wild man! Are Squier guitars worth it? Often it is not a fault of the guitar itself. It plays and feels (especially with tension balanced strings) like a seriously higher priced guitar. My Squier Bullet is probably the best guitar I've owned: nice slim neck for fast leads, rich and crunchy sounding pickups for rhythm and lightweight body; don't listen to others opinions and try out any guitar before you buy it. Squiers are meant to be inexpensive guitars for beginning players, and they are very good at exactly that. Log in. Latest Deals on Squier Classic Vibe 50s Telecaster … Next up for me: probably a Epiphone Casino but I might slide in a Squier strat (all single coil) first. Squier is a brand owned by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. I paid at that time $169.00 for it (it's now $100.00 more but still worth it) This is a HB slanted SC pickup guitar with coil split on the HB and a rotary pu selector. I rosewood, ebony or pao ferro on most of my guitars so I wanted a maple neck but didn't want to sink $2k on another guitar in the middle of quarantine during the pandemic. The bolt-on maple neck has the traditional Fender C sh… For one, they are inexpensive instruments, with many models costing under $200. For the average beginner who is interested in a Squier, none of this should be of concern. The key questions someone in my position has to ask are: Is the Fender name on headstock important? They are more expensive guitars, and in my opinion quite a bit better than standard Squiers, but still very affordable. I regret not getting Schaller tuners, as the ones I receive next Friday will probably be made in Taiwan. I've wondered the same thing, Thatguitarguy. Sometimes, but this is usually due to bad setups, and inexperienced players who do not know how to work on a guitar. Most professional musicians would not depend on Squier to meet their needs, but if you are a beginner they are about as close as you're going to get to a real Fender guitar without shelling out big money. - YouTube While they look almost identical, there are significant differences between a Squier and Fender Stratocasters. In this Squier Affinity Telecaster review we’ll examine the Affinity, a step up from the Squier bullet telecaster. Good point, Cal. Yes, please. In the end I went for the Squier and cannot believe how good it is for £190. Being a bit OCd and always putting my gear away when finished which means back in the case I found myself grabbing the P-bass when at home as it sounded and played every bit as good as my vintage fender with a lot easier access, my first electric guitar I bought in 2000 was a Squier cream strat, MIJ 1983. The Squier Telecaster Custom’s unique blend of Features. The Squier reputation varies, and people seem to either love them or hate them. If you're looking for a good beginner guitar, you will find that Epiphone, for instance, offers much, much better quality for the same price. The decision to choose a Squier should be made with a total understanding of what you are getting. Would you like to share your passion for guitars and make real money online at the same time? As the review stated, the pups and electronics were quite weak, but I had a SD Hotrail for the bridge lying around so I threw it in. Your email address will not be published. Fender guitars have a scale length of 25.5 inches, and their basses a scale length of 34 inches. You've most likely heard them all already, so here are the issues one by one. I do agree that the Squier Classic Vibe Series are outstanding instruments though! Love it! It was in a run of 200 guitars for 2014 and I assume the same in 2016. But I guess there will always be people willing to pay more for the name on the headstock. The Affinity Teles my school had, back in the day, were tough and sounded good enough to start my love of Telecasters. Answer: Comparable Squier and Fender instruments are the same or very similar in size, depending on the specific guitar or bass. That's after years of playing Fenders, Warwicks, Spectors, etc. Many musicians find them on-par, or in some cases even better than, Player Series Mexican-made Fender guitars. Gretsch guitars are not owned by Fender. All of these problems can and should be fixed by a good guitar tech if you can’t do the work yourself. I have been playing a Fender Squier regularly for a few months now. Your operation will go faster because you dont have to be so delicate. Because Squier is owned by Fender, it is allowed to produce the Fender trademarked guitar styles—the Stratocaster and Telecaster, for example—but the cheaper versions of them. While it doesn’t have the highest quality pickups, they’re there, and there are 3 of them, allowing you a 5 position range of tone which is a really nice feature for an entry level guitar. Brand names bore me now and the music is the most important thing. The guitar doesn’t become significantly out of tune, but one or two of the strings will become slightly off. Further on in life my daughter wanted to take up Bass but was not going to take my vintage ax out of the house. I have been playing bass for many years. No. Squier pickups are a little weaker, and the body materials used do not allow for the richness of tone found in Fenders. There are a bunch of Squier guitars that, when put together with a small-wattage practice amp, make in an inexpensive first rig for a beginning guitarist for around $300. 40+ veteran guitar player. Some of them, but this isn't a bad thing, depending on your goals and skill level. But for me the range of tones are spot on. The Squier has sentimental value to me or otherwise I wouldn't have invested another $400+ into the instrument. If you are a heavy metal shedder type, you probably want to look at LTD, Schecter, Jackson, etc. I only have rare vintage collectables. No intention to trash Squier here, though. If you are just starting out you are smart to check out some of the best Squier guitars for beginners. Guitar Gopher (author) on October 13, 2015: Some great points Tricko. I just loved the styling initially but when it was delivered it was even more exciting than I had imagined. Squier guitars are aimed at the beginning guitarist, and they fill that niche well. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Squier fills a big need and provides an intro to playing guitar for many players. The action is very nice, and since it has only 21 frets, the upper fret spacing is bigger, making the notes easier to play. I had used it for about three years before getting a new stratocaster. Since i was only 13 i had a limited budget since i worked hard for 5 weeks for $400 dollars (not easy i didnt play video games and didnt practice) after i got the equipment and the squier candy apple red guitar i put it all together and ever since than ive never wanted more guitars unlike most players. It isn’t top shelf by any interpretation, but for the price at which you can acquire one of them, I say go for it. When playing unplugged, you can actually hear a very clear difference in volume when comparing to an MIA. and for the price i would buy 3 or 4 right now. Guitars in the Classic Vibe and Contemporary Series are some of the best electric guitars under $500 you are going to find. Really impressed. I have a squier thin line 72 modified tele and it is pretty damned close to the real deal I like mine tho to be honest nothing yet beats my Gretsch, I have been playing for 24 years now and I went and traded a Zgretsch I had 2655 tg jr streamliner for a vintage 72 telecaster and I must say it is real Close to the real deal sounds good feels good now to add I as Lao for the trade got a Ibanez acoustic that plays better than I thought it would but that tele is amazing for a squier. Cons The resolutely modern Telecaster feel isn't to everyone's taste. The Classic Vibe and Vintage Modified series guitars have gained a well-deserved reputation as great instruments. Whenever I see her guitar sitting around I pick it up and am always amused by how fun it is to play. Squier’s take on Fender’s classic Telecaster design is one of the most popular and highly rated sub-$200 electric guitars. Fit and finish are top notch. You can also find Squier starter packs, which contain a guitar, a Fender amplifier and all the accessories you need to begin playing. At $240 Aug 2020 price for the Squier Affinity Telecaster the answer is no. Guitar Gopher (author) on November 15, 2013: Thanks for your thoughts, Deiter. I play a little bass myself and grabbed a Squier Vintage Modified Jazz a couple of years ago. Not really. I have been playing guitar on and off for years but haven’t practiced regularly until recently. With lower-budget guitars you always want to take a close took before you buy, or make sure you purchase from somewhere with a good return policy. It takes some getting used to. Regarding build quality, I certainly cannot speak for all Squiers but mine has no errors significant enough for me to notice. They sound decent to me but of course that's just an opinion. I LOVE this guitar. The lighter body of the Affinity clearly magnifies the sound more than my Strat. Squier has lowered the Cabronita’s tone with a 27” scale length, as well as the same Alnico single coils that appear on its non-baritone sibling. Great guitars and would definitely recommend them!! I agree they fill an important niche in the guitar market and for some players they are the perfect option. If you are a clean to blues, jazz, country or rock player then probably Fender. I'm 58 now with arthritis so the small neck was something that appealed to me. I purchased mine six months ago for the hell of it off the internet from a local resident for $50 dollars. After stretching the strings, it stays in tune surprisingly well. I've been at this game for over 40 years. And your right, it cannot. Sustain is little weaker though. Keep in mind, none of these guitars have similar pickups as the Fender Deluxe version. Alternatively, you can find the same old Japanese "Squier" which are also excellent quality. This month the saddle, which is mounted with clearance to the guitar body, dropped at one end and now strings 1 to 3 are touching the frets. Good stuff, jazzalta! You should do this on any guitar you purchase, but inexpensive guitars, in particular, can exhibit minor issues. Squier Vintage Modified and Classic Vibe are truly amazing instruments for the $. To this day that Gibson is the only inatimat object i have ever wept for, and did i weep. Based upon his experience he says it holds its own against a Fender Standard and that the main difference is not in its tone or in the feeling it gives its player, but in the name branded on its headstock. These are low-budget instruments that sacrifice a little sound to keep costs affordable. I wouldn't dream of giving up mu SQ series Squier, 1983-84 but I don't think they were positioned in the market place asvthey are now. We all know that the Fender Squier series is a great start for beginners, but what about intermediate guitar players? There is nothing wrong with Squier by Fender guitars, as long as you understand what they are. Well, one evening after a gig my 57'-59' les paul (4 digit serial #) that was willed to me by a friend that died. A Squier made today is designed to be an affordable alternative to Fender, and so will be almost identical at first glance. The neck profile on these are typically a bound neck which has a totally different feel to me than the typical clean Fender neck. Player-friendly neck. My Squier Strat (from a package) was a great guitar with an really good neck pickup. So as far as a squire goes they need a little adjusting when you get them home but they really are not bad guitars at all. This Classic Vibe Telecaster is one of those. I have some guitars that I don't want to touch or experiment on because they are too nice to slam around or bring to a rowdy gig. Over the past forty years I've owned and played A LOT of guitars including some extremely great and very valuable axes. In my case, modding was always the plan and half the fun. Just raising some of the common issues people often have with their guitars. Gerald "Always late to the gig" Smith. Squier is better than Fender for beginners and guitarists on a tight budget. Going with the same strategy that other budget guitar manufacturers are taking these days, the body on the FSR Bullet Telecaster is constructed from a solid piece of basswood. Other brands owned by Fender include Jackson, Charvel, and Bigsby. When I unpacked the guitar I gave it a thorough inspection. However, both brands have smaller instruments in their lineups, such as the Squier Bronco bass which has a scale length of 30 inches, and the Fender Jaguar guitar which has a scale length of 24 inches. It has damn near the same action and playability as my strat had. I'm no Mark King but I would recommend it to anyone. These differences are incredibly subtle. A couple of things account for this. You won't regret becoming a Fender junkie for the rest of your life, that's for sure. No fret sprouts, and filed very smooth. I had to bring it home. Guitar Gopher (author) on January 21, 2020: @Zimm - I have a Fender VM Jazz myself. I can't help notice that the loudest complaints often seem to come from those who aren't really sure what they are talking about. It's a killer by any standard. Squier Standard Telecaster Review. I like the new Deluxe Tele Thin line but at a cost of $1899.00 it's way out of my budget. More about pricing later. There certainly weren't levels of Squier as there are now. Totally disagree with te way this article starts with a trashing of Squier guitars. There may be issues with the fretboard shrinkage or expansion, causing the frets to appear uneven and pokey. In the case of this '70s Telecaster Deluxe, you also get a lovely big slice of vintage cool on the side. The body is made of Agathis which is a cheaper alternative to Alder which is standard among Fender guitars. While the instrument may be of the lower-quality Affinity series, the amp is good enough to be used for the rest of your career as a practice amp. You made a smart choice. Is the Affinity Tele comparable to a USA Tele? If you're buying in person, it’s important to check out many instruments before you decide on one. And you can open it over and over without consequences of opening you number one again and again. I have always been strictly an american guitar player. I am installing new Fender locking tuners and will probably replace the pickups with a new HSS set, maybe EMG, but I haven't decided yet. The famous guitar that catalyzed the electric guitar industry to become what it is today.