I have been a Garmin user for over 20 years and stay with them because of the data on their Cloud platform (lock in). Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. changed the 4 letter user name. My body fat is about 15% and the scale gave me 9% or less. Heck, the Withings scale is one. For example, I weighed myself before and after a 3 hour ride in North Carolina summer heat/humidity with a heat index of close to 100 deg. No WiFi issues at all. SHARE. So I am the only one that uses it. Also I have had some big discrepancies – 2Kg difference on weighing events only 1 minute apart! And, electrical impedance is generally well understood (even if easily tricked). the Fitbit one is called “Aria”. They will not refund my money and take the scale back because I did not buy it directly from them so I will have to go through Amazon for the return. I’ve complained often about how many $&% models they have, but somehow, the strategy works, and it’s hard to question the profit results. Ray do you know if this is the case? 2. The rules of DOS system operation are supposed to be gone but not with Garmin for some reason they are still living in the 90’s. In this case, the smart scale market has basically been the preserve of Withings and Fitbit for the last few years. My fenix displays my weight Setting in “User Profile”, which i typed in at the beginning of my fenix use. The Garmin Index Smart Scale, as the price suggests, is more than just a bathroom scale. It routinely prevents my wife from selecting her own profile when she uses the scale. Garmin Connect Mobile: Both of those channels are ONLY used for setup. Also, on a slightly related note I’m curious if the ‘use multiple trackers per day and have them all contribute to activity’ thing is still in the works? PCMag.com is a leading authority on technology, delivering Labs-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. Keep it up! Still, the Index is a solid option, even if it doesn't wow us as much as the QardioBase and the Withings Smart Body Analyzer ($69.00 at Amazon) , our Editors' Choice picks. first is waste of money second waste of time. I guess, in this sense, my aging Withings scale actually works better than the Garmin one as it never fails to sync with MFP and will update my Garmin devices as often as I weigh in and sync them. Well, because it needs to validate that before giving you other body metrics. That may be because the sync is actually happening on the mobile app. One should at least try basic troubleshooting before throwing in the towel. I guess, if the product just works you don’t have the need to write in these forums. The ANT+ option is offered as a secondary option to configure, but it’s not required. I do enter my weight manually once a day (in the morning), so I haven’t tried if it really works. None?! If you lack at least one of those things, I really can’t help you. I don’t disagree. Even when I placed a 1/4″ piece of plexi glass under it. The first weight in the morning is often 2 kg lower than if I do a second one 2 minutes later and yesterday the scales told me I had lost 8kg in 24 hours. It’s actually a little tougher to add another person. I’m from out of the country and will be visiting the US, what’s the best triathlon shop in city XYZ? Don’t get this scale. For the same price, though, the QardioBase and the Withings WS-50 scales are easier to set up, and each has special features that give them an edge over the Garmin Index. Day5 68,6 9,5 43,2 30 If that’s the case (but certainly not saying my choices aren’t good for women), and you just want to see a different gear junkies “picks”, check out The Girl’s 2018 Gear Guide too. In particular the only recording saved is the last value of the day. In the mobile app I can see the weight measurements. Still, despite my lack of automated means – I did step on and off the scale numerous times, and would get the same values. Select ‘APPS’ near the top of the page I just made sure i was on an unused wifi channell or one that was used the least. At 7%, this seems like a throwaway metric. It was a pain to pair it via Bluetooth the first time. On ours we’ve noticed it will not provide metrics, other than weight, for our 10 year old son. BMI, Body Fat, etc…). The scale measures body fat (as long as you don’t set your activity level to 8 or above… then you only get 7% no matter what.) Thanks for your brilliant reviews – keep up serving the sporting community the way you do! At least Garmin could update Garmin Express to allow firmware upgrades this way, it would seem to be a logical way of reaching out to remedy devices in the wild. For the most part, it does exactly what you ask to it do: Confirm your suspicions that you’ve eaten too much pizza. No problem, the product comparison data is constantly updated with new products and new features added to old products! I guess I will have to stick with my TANITA BC1000, they are trusted, having tested them to be within fractions of specialised scales. As it picks up the final setup from garmin connect, it never quite finishes and won’t update to the website. Do you have Garmin Connect connected to MyFitnessPal? From there it’s as simple as standing on the scale like before, and then it’ll auto recognize you based on your weight. Sometimes a single con is a huge one, but not valued as such. Become closer to the healthy lifestyle with smart scale. If Garmin added calorie tracking I would ditch MFP and keep the index scale. Now after replacing the battery its permanently stuck in setup. I’m also on the bandwagon of at least trying to get support. My new Garmin Scale is not showing body fat percentage or the other metrics on Garmin Connect. Just last night someone went on a *massive* rant about almost this exact same thing on Wahoo’s products and connectivity and sucking and blah, blah blah. It’s always only saved the last measurement of the day. Exactly, especially for those living in hot/humid environments. Hi, I currently have a withings scale but after the news of them going under I was looking into the Garmin scale as we’re a Garmin family – would you suggest buying the Garmin scale or would you be confident that the withings is going to remain usable albeit with no new updates? My problem is that it often does not sync to wifi after weighing. I tried to aim for a phrasing that didn’t have douchey in it however ;): “Either way – there’s really no excuse for Garmin not offering 3rd parties the weight data (nor any ability for you to export it out yourself). What would you recommend as a scale that does weight/body fat and maybe BMI that isn’t wifi? I’ve tried modifying his birthdate to make him older than 18, thinking it may be a child privacy issue, but that didn’t change anything. Would it be worth it to add another user (JB primary and JC secondary) for yourself. Is anyone using this scale and having it send the metrics over to TrainingPeaks? My first one didn’t work. 1. No need to change the actual weight. Before getting all press-happy though, you’ll need to know that in order to setup the scale you have to have either a computer (with the ANT+ adapter), or a mobile phone on iOS/Android/Windows Phone. First? Not recording more than one weight for a day is really annoying me. Technically MFP is now a competitor to Garmin, no?? The Garmin Index Smart Scale wirelessly keeps track of your weight, body water, fat mass, and bone mass, but it's a bit pricey for what you get. Unfortunately there is a bug in Myfitnesspal/Garmin where if you manually update the weight in myfitnesspal it will override the weight data from Garmin and kill the rest of the data in garmin connect. Supports up to 16 users. I am 5ft 5″ and weight 54.5 kg. So for a Wifi-scale I was thinking of getting a Withings or other non-Garmin – but I know me, if the integration with Connect is not working seamlessly, it’s just not something I’d use getting the data up there. For the past 4 years I have struggled to get below 215 – calories in vs calories out is not always the formula. I have been a long time Garmin supporter, nearly 20 years, and with the issue I have had (and continue to have) with the Edge 1000 and now this – I’m done supporting them! Each call took 40 minutes to get through and ended up with me being told to “turn it off and turn it on again” (they were super friendly and nice while telling me this). In my case, I’m going to use the Garmin Connect Mobile app for my phone. The weight information not transferring, is not an issue that needs fixing, it is simply not a feature. Oh by the way stay away also from their latest Vívoactive HR that is also about as accurate as pinning the tail on a donkey. In theory the scale should detect that the user on it doesn’t closely match one of the registered users, and display a guest icon (a little dude+question mark). Scale attaching via bluetooth but the App can then not remember the details of the scale. I have an expensive paper weight now, stuck on the ‘wrench’ screen. My Verizon router and the scale do not appear to like each other. I am still waiting for the Garmin engineer”s find a solution for the 1.6 billion steps my Fenix 3HR watch thinks I walked on Jul 11. Points can be used on your very next purchase at Clever Training for anything site-wide. After reading your review of the Garmin Index it sounds like just what I’m looking for. I swim, bike and run. Garmin has just announced the new Index S2 smart WiFi scale, building slightly upon the previous first-generation Index WiFi scale released nearly 5 years ago.This new model switches to a color display that’ll show weight trending information, helping to … I’m generally on the bandwagon of numbers. As you say, the majority of the software infrastructure is already there, so it would seem relatively trivial to support it. ?” symbol but it doesn’t consistently. Just open up your router for a moment, let it connect, find the MAC address in your router then white-list it and lock your router back down. Thank you for the review – I do have a question: “How would this type of scale help me lose weight vs a $30 digital scale?” Let start by saying that I am 51 – 5’ 8” and 220 pounds and have been cycling since the 80s. It used to be that I pretty much just set the same weight across all my devices, and I’d fluctuate +/- 2-3 pounds within that weight depending on the workouts I did. Literally what are the next steps? Other companies just aren’t interested right now? Updated constantly! How can they create a wireless scale and not have a mac address readily available for people with a mac address filter? Garmin Index WiFi Smart Scale review – TitaniumGeek. You mention little issues with these. Hi and thanks for your reviews At a glance, the weight section of the app shows body fat as a percentage, weight in whatever unit you choose, and loss or gain. I would like to support DCR and enjoy ad-free DC Rainmaker ($20 per year). And it’s not just this scale, it’s Garmin Connect itself. I reset the scale. It seems only weight is registered. Any recommendation for a scale with a reliable means of transferring this data? You have such a device with your iPad, so not sure why you wouldn’t want to use it. Apple health integration works. Percent Body Fat 20.9 % Or just want a good deal? Maybe I should try to change my activity level to 8 … 2) In connect it doesn’t mention the time of measurement (diff. Great review, as always, but if you could expand on your statement about a crucial decision point The symptoms are that the setup doesn’t complete and the scale is stuck on the wrench icon. I tried with all different batteries but without success. We inquired with the Garmin API team about 3rd party sync support and they responded that there are no plans to allow synching Smart Scale data to any platform other than Garmin Connect. Help, please… Can you walk through all the steps including getting on the scale and having the second person tap through whatever? Then Deleted all weigh-in data in the App, back to 26/06. Something was definitely off. My Scale was working fine but for the last two weeks doesn’t seem able to upload at all – despite me setting it up from scratch again. Could this be linked to iOS 10 or are others having problems via android devices. My Photography Gear: The Cameras and Equipment I Use Daily, DC Rainmaker 2019 swim, bike, run, and general gear list. what I meant was if you buy today an competitor scale you won’t get the automatic weight updates to your watch (as with the Index scale) nor the additional metrics into garmin connect so for you as garmin customers they pave you the way in saying if you spend this money they give you these extras but they only do this in selling their scale to you hence it’s less likely if Garmin would open this for other scales as their own as you would probably not buy their more expensive scale then. I got exactly the same issue. It looks like you’re waiting for the bus at an out-of-date T station. Unfortunately you have to be a nit nicer than that, but hopefully Garmin read these comments and us customers can be as direct as we want. This has been a long time issue which Garmin are aware of, but have yet to resolve. Because Connect and Strava are the only websites that I use and I do not want to add another site that I would have to check,I am willing spending more to stay in the Garmin ecosystem. The connections to Garmin, Fitbit, and Strava are API based. Get Connected. But i my case it is not. Simple. Aha! Once he accepts my invite. Thank you. The whole reason I got the scale was for accurate FTP VO2 and other measurements on my Edge but at the moment it still has the weight that I manually entered. On #1, any chance your two year old in the process of trying to weight themselves selected you? The connect issue is a known error. He added me as an invitee, I accepted and then we both weighed and were able to see the data on Connect. Need help please with adding 2nd person in family. But just on the subject on Garmin connecting to 3rd party apps. Straight-up, full-flippin’ stop. None of the advanced metrics are going to help you achieve your goals because they aren’t accurate enough. Select Calories In/Out Sweated a ton, as you can imagine. In my case, I did not have issues on a final production unit. MyFitnessPal will overwrite all other Index metics if it syncs back to Connect so that only weight exists in Connect. I’ve just replaced my Withings ws-50 with a Garmin Index. It’s also got a paper manual sitting atop it: Below that you’ll find four little black pods. How long it’ll take will probably vary. What am I doing wrong? Quick comment because the number of comments from unhappy users here gave me pause before buying. So – do you get the Garmin Index Scale or not? It probably now appears on numerous others. As I noted, sometimes it works…and sometimes not. Ray as of today NOBODY is getting their data transferred to myfitnesspal via the garmin forums. 3. I’m thinking of editing the file manually to add fat % etc then doing a manual import of the file. Now that it’s 2018, do you have scale updates? I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone currently. I now have my scales in my dining room, which is sub optimal, but at least they connect. Muscle Mass 139.4 lbs I like gadgets (And this will be easy to use at home). No comments on the actual weight! I precisely have the Forerunner 610 and I want to keep it! Are you syncing via mobile app, or via desktop/WiFi? I now wish i had recorded the setup process, I’m conservatively estimating it took 3 minutes from the time I had the batteries installed before the scale was 1) paired with the garmin connect app on my phone, 2) connected to my home wifi, and 3) transmitting data to both. Ray,i am heavily leaning towards getting a TomTom spark cardio. No cost to you, easy as pie! Once I changed the router setting to WPA2 the setup worked like I had originally expected it to and I have had no issues with the scale. Garmin Connect shows that S/W 3.00 is available, but the scale is completely unwilling Which is both a cop-out and a LIE. I would avoid this product like the plague. I’ve been eyeing this since it was announced, but am unconvinced even though I’m pretty much 100% Garmin Connect. One can easily send Garmin data about weight to MfP which then can upload it elsewhere. The Garmin Index can also sync to a computer using an ANT+ stick, but you have to supply your own. I received one email response that said pretty much your message: “lots of people aren’t having these problems”, which isn’t really that helpful for me. My GarminConnect says that version 2.50 has been available for a while now, and my scale has been on 2.40 since I set it up about a month ago (i just checked the scale by doing the battery in/out move described by Mario K here. I asked garmin support for an explanation as to why, if discontinued, the product was still for sale on the garmin website. I think Randy up above nailed it (in response to NRG). Hey Ray, thanks for the review, but the Index Scale just is not syncing with MyFitnessPal. i have reset and tried again and again. And it took me hours of added removing adding back. And then re-pairing it back when I got home.). With a Withings scale, at least, you can go to the Withings web site/app and see every measurement, but so far as I know, Garmin Connect only ever shows you the last one of the day. There might be an easer way, but since all content is online, there is no real penalty of the re-install. Garmin Scale Review The simple bathroom scale that reveals the uncomfortable truth about your weight is getting a modern makeover.