? A search of VetCompass clinical data identified 79 (5 in 10,000 cats) confirmed and 130 (9 in 10,000 cats) suspected fox fights with cats from 145,808 VetCompass cats since Jan 1st 2010 until last week (14 in 10,000 overall). If a cat were to get too close to a fox’s burrow or otherwise threaten fox cubs, it is to be expected that the parent foxes would defend their territory and chase them off, however. VetCompass is a collaborative not-for-profit research project run by the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) in London, in collaboration with the University of Sydney. My neighbour told me her cat had been killed by a fox a couple of weeks ago as well as a couple of her chickens. Yes, cats have some ability to escape and some ability to defend themselves. It was perfect for a very elderly cat – very safe. Something needs to be done. Cat bites. They also had no fear and whilst our neighbours tried to wake us up they kept trying to return for our poor boy. I opened my window an my cat went up the tree, the fox ran but he is back. We heard some yowling went out and our cats were standing off a fox on top of a shed where it had chased and cornered a kitten. I just read ur article about your cat Olli. Such a product is certainly theoretically possible – our understanding of species-specific pheromones has allowed us to produce synthetic calming pheromones based on FFP for cats and DAP for dogs, without any biological cross-over between species, so the opposite is at least in principle possible. I live in the middle of the countryside, I’ve only seen 3 foxes in 16 years of living here. My sons are traumatised after discovering two large foxes dragging what remained of our cat’s body around our garden this Easter Sunday at 7am. Thanks for this…our cat was attacked last week – we think by a fox. Next, the wound will be thoroughly cleaned with an antiseptic wash, alcohol, iodine or other sterilizing substance. After reading all the posts not willing to take the risk . Any advice will be great thanks. One of her feet was bitten so badly she needed it to be re constructed. It’s was really scary. My 16 year old Ragdoll cat was attacked by fox early one evening. He likes to go out all the time. The council say they are non-threatening and will not attack pets or children – yeah right!!! The dog had its mouth clamped around the stomach of my cat. Our cat is mainly indoors and tends to sleep by the patio door at night. Running a search on the web reveals scores of articles of how cats pose a graver threat to fox cubs than foxes attacking cats. He's had his rabies and distemper shots, but I'm worried. On the whole, foxes are not dangerous and do not harm people unless threatened. She was always a very slight cat but in recent years was very scrawny – we had regular vet checks and she was on thyroid meds. The database is all well and good but it doubt it includes the deaths people have experienced here. The cat that was killed by a fox was ambushed from behind, snatched away so quickly off the wall, she never feared the foxes and used to sleep near them sometimes a few metres apart and never any trouble. I can’t imagine what she went through. He isn't crying or seems to be in pain. I suspect that incidents of foxes injuring cats are uncommon – most cats are well able to take care of themselves; and of course we want to help wildlife! When this happens, bite wounds can occur. My beautiful boy cat Ollie had to be put to sleep on May 3 2014 due to a fox attack early in the morning. My cat keeps being chased by 2 small fox’s here in Surrey, now keeping him in, he was only over let out in the morning and kept in from 3pm. The body had been eaten in-line with an animal attack. In some instances, thick fur can hide larger cuts. Your cat may also need to wear a cone or other appropriate limiting device if they incessantly lick, groom or otherwise irritate the wound site. My cat will no longer be going out alone – not that she wants to right now – she is too frightened. Cats’ teeth are naturally sharp and are meant to tear easily into flesh. Our neighbours pregnant cat had her legs eaten by a fox and killed as a result. Diseases They May Carry The one danger that foxes do present is the danger of disease. the concealment of rubbish bins and even the recycling of food waste means no chance of the scavengers even getting a look in to any leftovers. They can see what is wrong and get him treatment so that he feels better. There is no way – other than scale a 6 foot fence, that a dying 21.5 yr old cat could’ve got out of my garden. But a fatal attack by a fox could happen anywhere and leave little or no evidence. Alan is only allowed out during the day now and even though he complains he will hopefully get used to it. To understand how dangerous a cat is to a dog or a Fox, my German Shepherd saw a cat in a hedge, lunged for it and the dog came off far worse needing 146 stitches as the cat got under the dogs belly and used it’s power back legs and claws to rip at the dog… just as they do in play with us! I went outside immediately to see what was going on our cat was crouched under a bench whilst the fox was trying to get at it. I went outside to rescue the cat but the foxes at first weren’t bothered by my presence until I started throwing pebbles at them. Our older cat Catkin(10) has been missing since 18th June. I hope that he is okay. Pheromones are definitely a good start, and you’ll need to give them a bit of time as they can take a little while to start working so please do persist with these. If you did not witness the fight, you should let your veterinarian know the approximate timeframe for appearance of any wound as well as whether your cat is an indoor or outdoor cat. This was in Harrow northwest London as well. Poor our pets, is there any wnd to this?! It’s 2am. There was saliva on his fur, however, and because he is a black cat, I can't see anything on his skin. Im expecting him to jump in through the kitchen window at anytime. For some reason there is a general perception that urban foxes do not pose any danger and should be protected even when they are rapidly increasing in numbers and a serious threat to other wild life. Bite force quotient (BFQ) is the regression of the quotient of an animal's bite force in newtons divided by its body mass in kilograms. Without examining Tammy myself I cannot say whether it would heal now or not. Your email address will not be published. Having him/her seen by a veterinarian would be best for the cat, and will allow them to treat the cat so that it can heal. Bob Drinkwater, a community centre manager from Stamford Hill, north London, recently saved Mica, his tabby cat, from a vicious fox attack. Just heard foxes outside, my cats are in tonight ,all three have come running in. I do not wish this on anyone. In the U.S. alone, free-roaming domestic cats kill an estimated 1.4-3.7 billion birds and 6.9-20.7 billion mammals. and 3 cats, including my 15yr old are missing, all from one street in SW London. Subsequently I heard from another neighbour that the same fox had tried to attack their cat also. The problem is that all fox repellents apply equally to cats and other animals. I can only hope she didn’t suffer and having spoken to our vest who assures me she would have most likely died from shock before she was killed Look after your cats at night. Genuinely at a loss at what to do about it. There are many other reasons for keeping all cats indoors all of the time, not only to protect the cats, but also the environment. Was sitting looking very scared. Something needs to be done! I just witnessed a fox run at full speed to attack our old cat in full daylight sitting on our backdoor step. My poor old cat wouldn’t have survived an attack. Your vet will next conduct a thorough physical examination of your cat. Once I had rescued the cat and brought him back in, I looked out of the window again and one of the foxes had come back and was right by the back door sniffing around. I did some research about cats taken by foxes and most played down the risk! Would be useful to have an update on the official vet stats in the article. The wound area will then be thoroughly cleaned. Healthy foxes avoid people when they can. fox didnt even think she was worth sniffing, carried on munching the cat food i had put out for it When someone asked me this question, my instinctive answer was that fox attacks on cats are exceptionally rare. He ate and drank water fine, he's acting normal and I even managed to cut some hair around the wound with some scissors. Cat bite wounds are almost always sustained when cats face off or when they run, which typically happens after a deliberate confrontation. we rushed him to the vet then a veterinary hospital but were unsure what had happened to him. Nothing. To lose her like this, after so many years is really, really painful. I will not risk having this happen again so my cat has lost the freedom of pootling around in the day (I have always kept my cats in at night time). A young fox visits our garden nowadays – a cute little thing but I will never forget or trust a fox. My daughter lives next to foxes too and she said my granddaughter had a fox go for her. To me, the risk to adult pet cats seemed minimal but I decided to look further, to see if I could find some hard facts about the risk to pets from fox attacks. Doesn’t look good. No harm to the cat but I wonder if she disturbed a litter (there has been cubs in the garden in the last 2 years). Ultimately, it’s your decision – the biggest risk with continuing to feed them long term is that you won’t just have the vixen you know, but potentially many, many others squabbling over the food. General information. I don’t have a cat flap as I live in a g/floor flat with no exclusive enterance to the garden so my cat uses the kitchen window. Thankfully my cat was not hurt and I brought her inside for the rest of the night even though she wanted to go back out! I have just lost 2 of my beloved 16 year old cats to foxes in 2 weeks. This is no way to live and we are getting desperate now! if a wolf escaped the zoo it would be hunted endlessly, i see no difference to a fox, both are wild canids with the same instincts. I can only put it down to foxes because a lot have been seen at night on the street. This compares with 541 per 10,000 for cats presented with cat bite injuries and 196 in 10,000 cats being presented following a … and yes foxes are becoming bolder and braver than ever. Lets not pretend they’re innocent; they are the real culprits for so many disappeared cats. Could it have been a badger? The house two gardens over, has two pheasants hanging up in his back garden. They are a possible carrier of rabies and a bite … i googled this to find out if foxes attack cats as i live in an area where there are lots of foxes and every now and then(quite often) i see people leaving messages on lamp posts and shop windows wanting to know if anyone has seen their missing cat .i have owned cats myself so feel for these people and hope it wasnt the foxes that were responsible. she was a tiny weeny thing then. © 2020 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. Since the teeth are sharp, a wound can be deep yet small, making it easier for it to heal over. Our 1 year old Persian cat was attacked and killed by a fox this winter 2015 in east London near to Epping forest where there are a large numbers of urban foxes. Items are sold by the retailer, not Wag!. Those people who feed foxes are encouraging them to be less afraid of people, more daring in their actions and artificially increasing the population to epidemic levels. They’re fascinating animals to watch and not always as bad as they are painted! We had 2 cats and now have one. Searched around the hedges with a torch for some time but did not get any responses. On a few times I have seen a MASSIVE fox about three times his size pass in the street at the same time this obviously shook me up big time. I know cats go off to die but to me, it would’ve been nigh on impossible for her to get out. The problem with those statistics is they are only from cats that survived the attack, i would still imagine the actual fox on cat attack rate is rather low but still. Interesting reading as SNARL have said some of these mutilations are human intervention. My neighbour was woken at 2am by foxes screeching, only to find them playing with something in the road. He had already passed and was in a terrible state. Hello, Now it looks like we have to re-instate cat toilet indoors. Four years later, they captured the first cat-fox for examination and have since captured, examined and released 12 out of 16 individuals seen on the island. But this evening (about 6.30pm) there was an awful sound outside my front door. so im sure now that the foxes that have mated here now have babys so are on the look out for food even more so !!! The fox was there making a low pitched moan/growl with my two cats staring at it. I instinctively knew we were nearing the end. My cat has a big lump on his head/neck he was attacked by a pitbull the dog thrashed my cat around it was horrific. We also rescued our cat from snowy garden shed roof 2 days ago with bleeding ear and fox circling him thus stopping him being able to enter back through cat flap. i turn to human being also at any time i want to. Frightening though, and she seemed happier and little more receptive to have my company than usual, she’s normally a grumpy fiesty little thing! Not there. Tried some feremones any other advice happily welcome. During these quick but penetrating bites, bacteria from the mouth can enter the tissues under your cat’s skin. I was hopeful that he might limp home but as each day passes this is less likely. Keep them safe indoors. I dont know what to do, i looked everywhere for him, theres no trace of him anywhere. Harrow NW London. Fox is not a cat or dog, but globally they refer to the Dog family. what i saw made my stomach turn. This was in Bushey herts. General, We use cookies to allow us to provide functions e.g. But the same underestimation could be applied to cat fight injuries and road traffic accidents. Our indoor cat somehow got stuck to being outside all night, brought him inside everything seemed fine until noticed he was limping and now looks like 4 bite marks all around his tail, noticed he’s been licking the area, doesn’t let me look st the area but looks like puss coming out one 1 of the bites, should I take him to the vet? My beloved middle-aged cat was killed by a fox on our suburban street 1 week ago. i noticed that right side of my cat check looked bigger then other side I thought it was because of her fighting a lot and then last few days it got bigger and was sticking out and I woke up and it had popped before I could book her into see a vet and I pressed on it ril I got all the puss out will it be okay know. My cats will not be allowed to go out at night anymore. In wounds that bleed freely and easily, these bacteria have a better chance of escaping. The cat had no injuries and looked very pleased with himself. They were quite brazen and despite my efforts kept coming back towards my injured cat who eventually managed to drag himself under our car. (Studies show that 50 % of cat bites become infected) I have been bitten by cats, dogs, horses, hamsters, eagles, turtles, and even taloned by an owl during my career. My older barn cat was attacked in the early afternoon yesterday by a pack of three Texas desert foxes and had to have his tail amputated by our vet. Well, its 2pm in the afternoon and I have seen yet another fox in the back garden and I am East London! The fox ran off. They already attacked two of my cats and are not scared of us in fact they even growl at my husband when he tries to chase them away. My two female cats (Cali and Lami about age 7) scattered and then I saw another furry shape run after the fox. I have no doubt what- so- ever that this fox meant business. We were not sure whether it was our terrified cat, but since he was not at home( and normally he always stays in at night), we went to check the whole are at 2 AM. Regards Dr Callum Turner DVM, I turn to a vampire any time i want to. Seems that foxes’ behavior has evolved quite rapidly since the Feb ’13 article was written, possibly in response to dwindling food supply as bins become more secured. Following reports of another attack on a baby by an urban fox in London, many people have been worried about the risk not just of foxes attacking children, but also pets. Thank god we saw it and made lots of noise to put him/her off. I feel so responsible for her death, I wish ‘professionals’ would get real about the threat from foxes and not lead them up the garden path. My cat was bitten on his head about a week ago. I am hoping we can find her body if you are reading this, please think twice before letting your cats out at night if there are foxes in the area. She was an 8 year old Persian. The fox theory is another guess. This will be another situation in which your vet may need to shave portions of your cat’s fur, in order to provide better access to the bite. Fortunately he was able to outrun the fox and quickly made his was home. I have just found what’s left of my cat, right next to the fox hole. 25 sept 2014, My cats go out for an hour early morning and late afternoon. A fox ran away across the grass, stopping briefly to look back, and then was gone. Skip to Main Content. I was stunned, really thought foxes wouldn’t be bothered with cats. Something took her. We found her without her head in the garden. I rushed outside and chased the foxes off. My garden has nothing in it except for grass and a shed (as house was recently renovated before we bought it). 1.800.274.8837 (No Cats & Dogs) Toggle Navigation Menu. I’m so sorry for everyone who’s lost their cat, our pets become part of the family. Our garden is open to the heath in Reigate, Surrey. Is there anything to be done about these foxes? I ran outside and heard terrible noises of ripping flesh. This is especially the case with long-haired cats. Its sad reading all the storys on this forum, my cat got chased back home last year by a Fox and I had to run out to scare the Fox away but main reason I’m here is yesterday my cat got into a cat fight so about 15 mins later I called my cat, he meowed and jumped over the fence and came to me, try to walk back off and then a Fox came out of no where and was starring at us so I quickly got him back inside and that was that, now the next day I’m here trying to find ways to keep him safer, he’s a cat and likes going outside so I don’t want to start not letting him out no more as that’s unfair on him. About five days ago a white 1-2poodle sized fox was near my bedroom sliding door eating the cat food. She did well as the fox looked young and agile and this cat is 18 years old – extremely good health for her age – but perhaps caught unawares while sleeping. We have 5 cats. we are completley heartbroken. It will be important to note the approximate time frame, and if possible, whether the other animal is up to date on its immunizations. 1.800.274.8837 (No Cats & Dogs) I Found my neighbours cat dead in my garden this morning last week had to see off a fox that was getting aggressive towards her, she was just a few years old and fit enough climbing a 2 metre high fence in one leap, now I wouldn’t trust urban Fox’s any my garden will be seen off. Seems effective so far. Then this fox comes out from behind the bins. Mr Bryant says that "foxes are among the most amenable, least aggressive mammals you could share your environment with," which is total rubbish. Where I used to live I always used to see the local cats and foxes casually chilling out together. This is an interesting read. am now a powerful man and no one step on me without an apology goes free. In some cases, it may be necessary to shave sections of the cat’s body  in order to provide better access for treatment and to identify any additional wounds. I chased it down the street and tried calling for the cat, but she’d streaked towards the secret cat alleys and was home on the sofa before me. Well it has happened to us and I vowed never to get another cat for as long as we live here. My two barn cats sleep on a chair near there. Should I keep using the hydrogen peroxide or do a salt water mixture? He still wanted to go out to confine him inside is not an option he has to go even if you try and stop it. There is a problem, I read snarl’s report, foxes are a menace and most of the killings were by them. Being 13+ years old his age was against him as the injury was so severe he lost the use of his hind legs. How do you know it was foxes? Don't start any treatment until there is a reasonable expectation that the cat won't attack again. - Svaret på frågan om ditt husdjur är i fara. I have just found my cat, decapitated. Your vet will attempt to stop any severe bleeding to initially stabilize your cat. Fox bites can be painful and cause other long-term problems. Required fields are marked *. I know in my heart. Oh poor boy! It is possible your cat disturbed the cubs. Urban city Fox’s are less scared of things thats why I think they attack cats more often now, they’re not that “rare” like the vet’s say… that’s why our cats never go out at night but it does depend on what type of area you live in, my friends cat use to fight foxes often and win/escape and when I was younger you would often see Fox’s roaming the streets, been woken up a few times by Fox noises, cats can normally defend them selfs but thats why its normally kittens or old cats what go missing by foxes but I do think there’s is a Fox problem what needs sorting out… maybe a new invention what stops foxes going near your cat like a certain smell or some thing? Surprising as this area is on a deck up some stairs. Heard screeches and yowls from outside the home so rushed outside as it sounded like sounds the cat has made when fighting. I found my 10 month old cat yesterday morning, in my back garden in south-west London, absolutely mutilated with her head and a leg missing.