Information I wasn't sure about, I paused and made flashcards. 4. Again for AANP Leik will do a good job summing it all up so that you study the most important of each topic. I was looking for a confirmation that the current exam is using the JNC 7 guidelines. Exams are looming… If you’re reading this post, you’re either super organised, prepared and confident with loads of time to spare, or you’re on a total downward spiral of procrastination towards likely failure. 2. Try not to panic when you receive the news that you failed the exam. Thank you so much for your response. In retrospect, I feel this was entirely TOO much and I stressed myself entirely TOO much. This time, I think I'm going to spend less time studying, only reviewing materials that aren't familier but focus more on doing questions. I thought the ANCC had close to 50% non-clinical and a lot of them were more common sense. In short, I would look at both. Our mission is to Empower, Unite, and Advance every nurse, student, and educator. Our members represent more than 60 professional nursing specialties. It is great to see that you found the exam to be fair and straightforward. Whether you want to boost your career prospects or achieve international recognition for your health care organization, do not settle for less than the recognized authority in … Apr 28, 2017 "After failure, you have to work hard for success. There were also cultural questions on Mexican American, Asian American and other cultures but most of the questions could be answered by just being culturally competent. Coping with Failing. I think I lost about 10 years of my life the last few months with the stress and emotions. I have God to thank for it since I know I would not have been able to accomplish this without him. Occasionally I have heard the term "sit for an exam" meaning the same thing as "take an exam". grammar. FNP Mastery app. I found the questions very difficult and confusing and tricky. To take an exam and not receive a passing grade on it is to "fail an exam". So in effect, you will know when you are ready. Thats a plus for test takers! There are photos on the ANCC of x-rays, patients, etc. If you fail the exam (don’t worry you won’t) the ANCC will send a score report to your address including information regarding performance on each content areas of the test. allnurses is a Nursing Career, Support, and News Site. I had quite a bit on Asthma guidelines, one on COPD regarding treatment priorities (put these treatments in order from 1st line to last), and irritatingly there was a JNC 7 (not JNC 8)guideline question on the test (which I just happened to know from school). Turned up late to your exam as you overslept. I'm looking to pass mine on the first try as well! A slang term that means the same thing is "flunk an exam". My online program did not have tests and I took the NCLEX in 2006. 6. "I failed my exam, and have to repeat the whole year in another college. Looking back, I believe I just did not know how to really study the first time around. I would really like to chat with you regarding eyour study tips and insight. I graduated in March 2015, took the ANCC FNP exam in May but didn't pass. 6. Thank you so much for the info and congratulations! Anyone interested. 1. Specializes in EMS, ED, Trauma, CNE, CEN, CPEN, TCRN. It was a long, emotional, frustrating, hard few months. Why did you fail your exam? NP Student, highly wanting to do med school. I am new to this blog but I appreciate everyone for sharing their stories which is both inspiring and enlightening. There were really no "sneaky" questions. Have taken both tests twice and missed them each within 5 points. I made notecards and I studied them. While I recognize that everyone's knowledge base and critical thinking is a little different, all of my classmates passed the ANCC on the 1st try. 4) I also used a test bank my school provided which had qts and explanations. Failing an exam doesn’t have to be the end of the world. First of all they are TOTALLY DIFFERENT exams so you need to pick early, which one you want to study for and guide your studying based around the AANP or ANCC. I was very dissapointed and discouraged as well, and have been going over the whole scenerio, thinking of what I didn't do right and what I should have done differently. I'm in the process of studying for the ANCC FNP exam scheduled for the end of August and I'm overwhelmed by the amount of the information. Includes ANCC Practice Test Questions Learn How to Quickly Solve Difficult ANCC Exam Questions. I will agree with others on this forum that it is an odd exam, however, I felt very prepared for it. I found it helpful. I graduated in February, took the AANP in April (failed), took the ANCC June, passed. I also studied the Leik book from front to back. Another classmate only did the Fitz Certification Examination and Practice Preparation Book (4th edition) and the ANCC practice examinations. Specializes in Med-Surg, Trauma, Ortho, Neuro, Cardiac. There were no algorithms for ATP 4 or JNC 8 which was surprising since those guidelines are the newest from circa 2013 & 2014. 4. My very BEST advice for ALL questions on the test: READ the question carefully and determine what they are specifically asking you for. Passed the ANCC FNP exam on the first try! Would love to join a study group if there's any. On Sept 30th, 2013, I passed my Family Nurse Practitioner board certification exam. I know for sure that there were several questions regarding compelling indications for the selection of the right antihypertensive medications. I wish you the very best! If you want to encourage a friend who has failed an exam or test, remind them that everyone fails, and that it does not define who they are as a person. Please let me know, I am interested in joining one. I'm so depressed and discouraged. If you recently failed an actuarial exam, I completely understand if you’re feeling like you have no clue what to do differently next time. I just sat for and passed the ANCC exam 7/2015. I need help please!!!!!!!! Has this happened to you? However, they did send me an online review after I failed the AANP. Everyone criticizes you, but you have to believe in yourself." [1] Dir kënnt eppes soen wéi "Jiddereen scheitert. I passed all my exams. Since 1997, allnurses is trusted by nurses around the globe. Having said that it feels like usually you actually talk about failing a class (which "I failed math" is really an example of) more often then failing a given exam. For this exam, in totale, I probably spent 4 full weeks (8 hours a day, everyday) preparing for the exam. 2) 9/10 Hollier Book – Certification Practice questions – I used about 6 different test banks to study and this book had the questions that were MOST LIKE the AANP questions , especially the adult” test was exactly what types of topics/questions that were being asked. It is great to see that you found the exam to be fair and straightforward. Didn’t perform at your best as you were up all night cramming. I then read front to back Fitzgerald Certification Examination and Practice Preparation book (separate book @ about $80). You are reading page 2 of Failed ANCC FNP certification exam. Are there any study group out there for the FNP exam! Fix It: At least 30 days prior to the exam, write the words, "I'm a great test-taker!" Non-Clinical: This is almost impossible to study for. If you find you’re struggling to cope with a bad grade, check out your campus’ resources. Often, when walking out of an exam, you'll have a gut feeling of what didn't go well. Missed the entire exam as you got the date/time wrong. Nerdy, but totally worth it. allnurses is a Nursing Career, Support, and News Site. Or are they not that specific as for you to make the mistake simply because you rely on the newest JNC 8 and not the JNC 7? English Antwort von hansalbers (19.05.2010 | 15:54) und Bestätigung von Liass (19.05.2010 | 15:54) I can't remember everything but I can tell you what I do remember: I had several derm questions/images (completely not on vaccine preventable disease)--most of the derm was "which image would you prescribe and antibiotic for", "which would you refer", "which image would make you concerned". Since I just recently took both the ANCC and AANP I thought I could help everyone out who was studying……. I never went through the whole review a 2nd time but they also sent 2 practice exams with it. Very few people come out of exam failure unscathed by some negative feelings. You didn’t understand the material well enough. This was great for the ANCC questions that were non-clinical. Looking back, though unfortunate, I think I focused so much on studying but did a little or noting of question banks. I feel I was much more prepared the 2nd go round. (to) ..... an exam. I am interested in finding a study partner for the ANCC FNP exam. Failed an Exam in College? thank you. I also took the AANP exam in June but failed by 9 points. I am not sure if it truly required the amount of dedicated study that I gave it. Lots of people feel that way, and it’s very normal.