By the summer of 2016, I had refined the following deck, which I proudly tested with great success in our monthly Old School events at the Albatross Pub in Berkeley: This list represents my best attempt to not only abuse Underworld Dreams in Old School, but to improve upon the efforts that have come before. Contact | With the restriction of Fork, Mark found another engine, and rebranded the deck “Vercursion.”. Combo, unfortunately, suffers not only from greater ambiguity in what that appellation describes, it lacks a universal set of markers such as those generally found in Aggro or Control strategies, and therefore describes a much more diverse, if not broader, set of strategies. Land (35) Enchantment (2) Artifact (13) Sorcery (18) Instant (15) Creature (16) View Combos. Time Vault was restricted in the very first restricted list announcement, and then barely a month later, was the first card banned in Constructed Magic for power-level reasons alone. According to Zak, the goal with this list is to “get to the point where you have Island Sanctuary, two Stone Calendars (or one and a Copy Artifact), a Fastbond, and a creature with Spirit Link and Unstable Mutation in play, and just Time Walk, Berserk, Timetwister, Regrowth, Disenchant, Power Sink Black Lotus, Swords to Plowshares and Strip Mine in your hand, graveyard, and library.” From that point, you can build infinite mana with Regrowth for Timetwister and Lotus in each loop (because of the two Stone Calendars). But Mirror Universe still has value. It doesn’t get restricted cards reliably, and it is a nice power boost to aggro decks. Second, this deck has another use for Instill Energy than simply putting it on your Time Vault. The combo. 93 94 format combo old school. Time Vault begins tapped. Another fantastic Old School Magic article by Steve. Once you hit that critical point, which occurs sooner rather than later, you can essentially go infinite loops of either Twister or Time Walk. Time Vault was restricted in the very first restricted list announcement, and then barely a month later, was the first card banned in Constructed Magic for power-level reasons alone. Oddly enough, the first combo to break time vault since its errata in 1996 wasn't an infinite turn combo, it was an infinite damage combo that couldn't care less about the extra turns (or 90% of time vault's text for that matter). The origins of the term “combo” as applied to Magic decks is lost to the sands of time (and I have searched! With an Auto-opening Front Door, Lighted Interior and a Key Backup, the HD-200 provides robust security and reliable speed when you need it most! Time Vault Treasures Vinyl Record Clocks Peyton, Colorado On Etsy since 2016. The finisher, which I call “ultimate strategic objectives” in my book Understanding Gush, is the card that ultimately defines the nature and needs of the combo deck. Without knowing this time window, you won't be able to enter the vault even if you know the combination, so make sure you know the time for when opening can be performed. The reality of combo decks is both simpler and more complicated than they are widely perceived. Land’s Edge is a win condition with combo potential, but how do you accumulate enough lands in hand to make it a quick kill? Underworld Dreams was so powerful and such a feared threat that it was restricted in the very initial wave of restrictions following the release of the Legends expansion. Also, in the pre-Ice Age environment, you may just have more room for Channel anyway. His first published version of a “Recursion” deck was built around the then-unrestricted Fork: The goal of the deck was to set up Recurring Time Walks by Forking Time Walk to take enough turns to win the game. The Furnace Room - On the first floor of Stilton's Manor, to the left of the Great Hall and on the other side of the Dining Room vault hides a locked safe. While Time Vault looks fairly innocent on the surface, this two-mana artifact can turn into infinite turns very quickly with cards like Voltaic Key or Tezzeret the Seeker. Legends Land Tax and Land’s Edge = Direct Damage Combo. If we somehow lose our main win-condition in Monastery Mentor, we could get him back with a Timetwister or a Yawgmoth's Will. Old School Magic: Chapter 6 – Banning and Restricting in Old School – Vintage Magic says: Old School Magic: Chapter 12 – Building a Stronger Prison – Vintage Magic says: Hi Steve, as a newbie to the game (started playing in Journey to Nyx) I'm loving this articles and I'm learning a ton about the game. It also makes things a bit dumb with 4 Hymn to tourach as a universal "catch-all", and the russian roulette of DC for Channel is not funny for long. I’m confident, however, that this archetype, by blending my ideas with those already established by MirrorBall pilots like Martin Jordo, can provide a fierce deck in any Old School environment. Sphinx Summoner jumps out as a good add, but I don't know what should eb taken out, up to you I guess.. The Regeneron drug is a combo of two antibodies to enhance the chances it will prove effective. In particular, he explains that the Lich should be played only on the turn you intend to combo out, and that the specific combo requires about five lands and a Mox with Dark Heart and Fastbond in play. The win condition is a lethal Fireball, which is fired off often after exchanging life totals with Mirror Universe and gorging on Sylvans or after Hurkyl’sing your Mana Vaults to generate lethal mana. Consult is definitely broken. Aggro strategies are easily classified on account of the presence of a critical mass of creatures, and often burn or other tempo disruption to speed the clock. This curbed it’s abuse as a combo finisher, but still allowed it to be used as such in control decks. Stephen is the 2007 Vintage Champion and the Season 1 Vintage Super... Steve Menendian is one of the most famous Vintage players in the world. Time Vault. If you do, untap Time Vault. As you can tell, this deck is really a combo-control deck, in that it integrates the combo into one of the most conservative possible shells as a way of protecting it. Accordingly, I upped the red part of the mana base so that I could more reliably cast Fork. But is there a way to build a Time Vault combo deck that uses the original combo? Therefore, I want to draw attention to the non-creature win conditions in the 93/94 format. Let me point them out. 6 months ago. If you’ve read previous articles in this series, you know that I regard Transmute Artifact as one of the best unrestricted cards in the format. And although Black Vise was later restricted in Type I because of it’s abuse in a combo deck (a rare case of restricting the win condition instead of the engine), neither card has really been a prominent part of any Old School combo deck. I just played in Type 1 tournament and at least 90% of the people were playing Time Vault/ Voltac Key combo. By focusing on Time Walk, it tries to make Howling Mine less symmetrical. At this point, you have successfully set up the loop; you can cast the potent, restricting cards that are aimed at harming your opponent, cast Timetwister to draw them again, and repeat this until you’ve defeated your opponent.”. ... A hand can easily get you 6 mana on turn 1, and the infinite-turn combo can be pulled off with just 4 total mana. Converting the deck into a 93/94 deck requires a bit more work, but I’d start by adding Channel back into the deck, and possibly, following the lead of Mr. Jordo, adding a second Mirror Universe, and possibly a third. Thereby giving a little more ammo to the UG deck running artifacts. Jump to. You could drop this combo into Any color deck as the Final Fortunes are in the deck for imprint ability.Enjoy, ~Traggy~ 0 ... A hand can easily get you 6 mana on turn 1, and the infinite-turn combo can be pulled off with just 4 total mana. Second, MirrorBall is all in on Sylvan Library. Latest Set: Kaladesh. This is, in essence, very similar to what I was trying to do here, but only with 93/94 cards (excluding Fallen Empires as well). At their core, they seek quick mana, explosive card draw, and a big finisher. When the very first players in Alpha cast Channel into Fireball, it sparked a passion for the thrill and excitement of combining two cards that work so well together that they can win the game on the spot. Since recursion is the primary plan, I also ran a single Tormod’s Crypt maindeck to remove cards from my opponent’s deck before every Twister, while also doubling against what I think is the best deck in our ’95 environment, Reanimator (see Chapter 9). I started my testing with Enchantress, following Mark’s lead, but quickly realized I didn’t need it. JR Goldman and Jimmy McCarthy designed this Lich list for a ’95 tournament in New York a few years back: Lich is a powerful draw engine, but also requires a tolerance for risk that is found in few players. Maindeck 60. How to hack open a realtor lock box key box part 2! Format: Vintage. Yes we will 1st build … Time Vault doesn’t untap normally during untap phase, to untap it, you must skip a turn. Old school Time Vault by myrdin1. This deck can win often on turn 1 and win consistently on turn 2. Greed and Book of Rass are two similar effects that allow you to exchange life for cards, and are especially useful with Mirror Universe or other life-gain. Unlimited Edition. 1,253 Sales | 5 out of 5 stars. Time Vault card info, combos, and decks involving the Time Vault magic the gathering card. These decks are extremely fun to play and often unexpected in Old School metagames, and there is certainly room for improvement. The way it works is fairly simple: Power Artifact decreases the cost to untap Basalt Monolith such that each use of Basalt Monolith generates more mana than is required to untap it. But in some of the groups, Recall and Time Vault are restricted. Also I suppose you already had a whole separate article about it, but curious if you would classify Reanimator as an Old School combo deck or not (particularly the All Hallow's Eve-based versions where Ice Age is not permitted). Magic the Gathering, FNM is TM and copyright Wizards of the Coast, Inc, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved. When they are pretty well locked under Stasis, this creates free turns for you. I should note here that Drain life functions as a pseudo-Fireball, just as it did in Pros-Bloom, except that it is also a short-term tactic to draw additional cards. Interesting concept, but I'm not seeing how you're supposed to win. What the Giant Vault Combination Is in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. Also, instead of relying entirely on Instill Energy, you can Transmute up Jandor’s Saddlebags to untap the Animated Time Vault. Vault locks, unlike traditional locks, have a time window for when they can be opened. He honed Underworld Dreams into a finely tuned weapon. With dial view! At the same time, Mana Flare and Candleabra are another way, aside from simple recursion, to fuel a lethal Fireball (note the lone Fireball as the main win condition – yet another deck built around Fireball as a “Tendrils of Agony” finisher). This article is a disambiguation page for Time Vault. Underworld Dreams Combo and Power Artifact Combo probably  have the strongest overall tournament resume at the moment, but it is recursion combo that I believe is probably the most overall fun to play, and may also offer the absolute highest skill ceiling. However I never claim a deck is perfect, so I will continue to test and update the deck. I played Time Vault combo for the second time after the last n00bcon tournament and placed 10th, missing the top 8 on a close game based on some unfortunate misplays. The most famous fuel for Fireball is Channel; but with Channel restricted, it is an unreliable source. Before we explore the decklists, synergies and tactics that define Combo in Old School, it helps to begin before the beginning, and understand the origins of this broad class of strategies. Most of all, I’d love a chance to play Fastbond again (now that the Gush […]. His techical analysis of strategies, cards, and tactics, illuminated by both historical narrative and current metagame, is unparalleled. But, to name a few, they include Underworld Dreams, Land’s Edge, Mirror Universe, and the aforementioned Fireball. Nice changes! There are so many things to remark upon in his decklist, but many are curiosities. T Take an extra turn after this one. I believe so. The key difference is that you need upkeeps, not combat phases. For those of you who have not seen the combo, it goes like this: Time Vault comes into play tapped. As you can see, the deck has 3 Fastbonds, which allows it to accelerate quickly. With this deck, you can put an Instill Energy on a Birds of Paradise to pay for Stasis indefinitely. With Library of Alexandria, Timetwister, Wheel of Fortune, Sylvan Library, Ancestral Recall, Braingeyser, and Demonic Tutor, I realized through testing that I had enough draw spells to reliably find one in my opening hand or in a mulligan to 6. Animated Jandor Saddlebags beatdown?? +1 (206)-914-7974Vintage Magic, LLC PO Box #6266, Olympia, WA 98507-6266, Old School Magic: Chapter 11 – The Untold History of Combo in Old School. If I had to replay my ’95 Recursion Combo deck, I’d probably swap out 2-3 of the dual lands for more Bayou and Taiga. 10/1/2008: So it wasn’t until then that players using their Banned and Restricted List could enjoy constructing Power Monolith combo decks. They just don’t spring to mind readily. But, I’m not sure it isn’t fair. Underworld Dreams is one of the most interesting win conditions in Old School Magic. Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. You're not allowed to have a turn, EVER! This way, Transmute can find two parts of the three part combo. The following is a list of links to pages that might share the same title. Time Vault. 4 Boomerang Another approach that has sometimes been tried is simply to use cards like Mana Flare/ Gauntlet of Might and Candleabra of Tawnos to build toward lethal Fireballs (here is one such example of that approach, and here is another, using High Tide as well). Thanks for the idea. I'm thinking of organizing a tournament in this format, actually. There are a few notes to make. It’s ridiculously fun to play. Before too long, it can go “infinite” or nearly so. Moving away from Black Vise, The Rack, and Millstone, we discover that there are, in fact, many other win conditions spread across Old School formats, including 93/94. The two most prominent examples of this are Howling Mine and Sylvan Library, two draw engines that I recommend any dedicated or even half-hearted Combo player fully invest in, for fun, if not for profit. Thank you! Here is George Baxter’s 1995 “Lich deck,” which appears surprisingly robust to modern eyes: There are many ways to gain life in Old School Magic, but perhaps the most reliable and instantaneous way with Lich in play is Dark Heart of the Woods, which will draw cards immediately. and the mana to play said cards/abilities. After all, a single Disenchant or Shatter can devastate the combo by destroying both the Monolith and fizzling the Power Artifact at the same time. Finally, we reach the last major combo archetype. Dack Fayden is excellent on his own, but even better with Notion Thief. As noted earlier, when this series started, there were very few published or refined combo decklists for 93/94. , and Blightsteel Colossus + Tinker Finish by turning away and not looking at the explosion. Love the article as always. Using that framework, I specifically focused on decks that don’t use creatures as win conditions. Average Type Distribution. If Time Vault would become untapped, instead choose one - untap Time Vault and you skip your next turn; or Time Vault remains tapped. I did write a separate article on Reanimator, which is part of the reason I didn’t include it here. There's a reason why Time Vault is banned in every format except Vintage, where it falls onto the Restricted list alongside the Power 9. As Zak puts it in his strategy article, “Once you reach eight cards total in your hand, graveyard and library, for example, it doesn’t matter where your opponent cuts your deck after you cast Timetwister, you’ll know exactly what you’re going to draw. Alpha Basalt Monolith + Antiquities Power Artifact = Infinite Mana. I'll be goin to my first 93/94 tourny in August with a deep feeling of gratitude towards you for providing the resources to enrich my understanding of Magic history. Combo decks, however, rarely win by creature attack. Then do a heroic walk away from the explosion. 4 Copy Artifact. There are a couple ways to minimize this problem. Black Vise and The Rack exemplify this approach. As newer sets were released, however, it was realized that most combo decks generally need two things that were missing: 1) alternate winconditions, or awcs, and 2) ways to deal with your opponent's threats. This site is unaffiliated. As Mark explained to me, it’s this card that makes the deck possible. Final thoughts. This deck is significantly more powerful with Ice Age, but even in 93/94, this deck can pack a punch. Unlimited Edition. T-song has the bonus value of shutting down all opposing Moxen/Lotuses. The Infant Casket and Vault Combo has a wooden casket made from wood which displays a Teddy Bear holding three balloons on the soft interior. Often just thrown into other decks, Beckert presented a focused Underworld Dreams combo deck with an excellent assortment of tactics to support and surround it. If Time Vault would become untapped, instead choose one - untap Time Vault and you skip your next turn; or Time Vault … Both cards exemplify win conditions that do not involve the attack step. There are situations where you need to pay 7+ mana for Forgotten Lore to get the correct card. When it was originally printed, you could tap Time Vault to gain an extra turn, but had to skip a turn to untap it. Use Time Vault more effectively in your decks. Now, I will discuss a half dozen specific combo decks that exemplify and illustrate the potential of Combo in Old School Magic. Welcome to the TIME Vault: Our New Digital Archive. There are a few back up plans, one of which is to Tinker for a robot to finish the match, but in general this deck just dumps out its hand and tries to take infinite turns. Type 1 is a mess with that combo available. I can’t understand why more Old School players don’t maindeck Red Elemental Blast, the original Weissman tech. Fork is particularly useful in this strategy because it allows you to double the damage of Winds of Change while also serving as a situational counterspell (Forking an opponent’s counterspell) or duplicating removal or burn. 0.16 TIX. Would definitely recommend more tutors or a Damnation.. Tidehollow Strix is great, but have you heard of Baleful Strix?. Time stop and x4 delayed fireball spell combo. Privacy statement | But with the imposition of the Banned and Restricted List and 60 card minimum construction limits, building a lethal fireball was even more difficult. Although restricted, this combo was first popularized by the great Mark Justice during the heyday of Type 1 with a deck he called “Winds of Chains”: Mark Justice’s deck has to compensate for the sad fact that Underworld Dreams was restricted almost immediately after it’s initial printing, but Mark nonetheless built in another fantastic synergy: Chains of Mephistopheles and Winds of Change, a combo that was almost as devastating. TIME. Buyers are raving! It is not for a want of interest, I trust, but rather ineluctable ignorance. Beta Time Vault + Alpha Instill Energy + Alpha Animate Artifact = Infinite Turns. Think about that for a minute. Yet, since I undertook these exercises, other players have engaged in similar work, and have done a good job of it as well. Pros-Bloom, not only one of the most infamous combo decks of all time, but perhaps the first to truly elevate that appellation, was a complicated combo deck that used multiple cards to generate large amounts of mana to generate a large Prosperity, which, in turn, would fuel a lethal Drain Life. The decks that we describe as “combo” decks today refer to both strategies constructed around particular two or three card combos such as those just described as well as strategies that were notorious in the era of Wild Magic that preceded the institution of the Duelist Convocation’s Floor Rules and Banned and Restricted Lists. Then, a few months later, July, 2016, my friend Danny Friedman won a local Chicago tournament “the Relic War” with a version that falls somewhere in between: If those lists aren’t enough to give you a sense of the scope of possibilities, there were four different Power Monolith combo decks at the last Eternal Central Old School event at Eternal Weekend, 2016 to also peruse at your leisure. I am aware that some of the combos are a bit clunky to assemble, but a key point is that these cards are powerful on their own as well. The primary strategic orientations in Magic, Aggro and Control, are intuitive heuristics that describe something fundamental about a deck’s plan for winning. Welcome to Infinity! If you have enjoyed this series, please post a reply letting us know, and share the article with your friends. Power Surge, for example, no longer functions in the world we live in (see Chapter 10, the last article, to better understand why). Very much enjoy this series, thanks as always Stephen. Sargent and Greenleaf offers industry-leading products for a wide range of industries. The HD-200 Quick Vault provides secure access with the ease of a simple electronic combo. Here’s what I came up with and played in a local event this past March: This deck has been my private Old School obsession for the last few months. Underworld Dreams may seem, at first glance, like a rather slow way to win games, not totally dissimilar to Black Vise. I spent a big section on the semantics/semiotics and taxonomy of Combo at the beginning of the article, where I talked about the origin of the term. I designed one which I worked on during the Winter of 2015-16, which I am now sharing. That will go a long way to towards determining if we will plan future chapters beyond Chapter 12. Mark took this to a 50 player tournament in Costa Mesa, California and won the entire tournament. But, the most interesting part of this deck isn’t Verduran Enchantress at all: It’s Forgotten Lore. Terms of Use | This shifts attention in the appropriate direction, however, and forms the basis for uncovering engines that can do so. + Steel City Vault, which uses "Draw 7" spells such as Timetwister to rapidly assemble the Time Vault-Voltaic Key combo for infinite turns. Use Twiddle to untap it. The answer: Land Tax. Thank you for your input, and if you have anymore suggestions, I am open to all! Average Type Distribution. Forgotten Lore is the card that allows you to recur all of the restricted spells like Timetwister, Time Walk, and Ancestral Recall repeatedly. First of all, the win condition, as for many of these decks, was Fireball. Time Vault begins tapped. Card Text: Time Vault comes into play tapped. Fireball and Braingeyser have been replaced with Storm finishers like Tendrils of Agony, but the principle is largely the same. There are more events, more published decklists, but also more players working to revise and improve strategies in the format. Once you complete the story mode in Mortal Kombat 11 and try out the Towers, you'll head into the Krypt to get your rewards. In the Duelist # 10 (May, 1996), for example, Zak Dolan, who earned a regular column after his inaugural World Championship victory, shared the Recursion deck with the world — one of the first Type I decks ever published in an issue of the Duelist. It is also the fastest. 0.16 TIX. Jump to. I could probably improve the mana style from this deck and add some search cards and it could possibly work. Eventually, you can generate enough mana for a lethal Fireball (or eventually find Channel). It’s not entirely deterministic, but it’s darn close. Because this deck uses so many Mirrors, I think Channel is more justifiable. Time Vault is not commander-legal though. Please follow one of the disambiguation links below or search to find the page you were looking for if it is not listed. When Lich enters play, you lose all of your life. This deck is fast and surprisingly consistent for a combo deck, and I think anyone who tries it will have a blast. Without knowing this time window, you won't be able to enter the vault even if you know the combination, so make sure you know the time for when opening can be performed. The other key, the mana engine, is the role of Fastbond in the deck. Seems broken to me, while not useful in recursion-combo decks like the one you're working on, it makes many combo much more dangerous (and possibly Monolith combo too consistent). This list contains some chaff, but it features the sweet tech of Book of Rass, which is a sink for infinite colorless and helps find a win condition once the combo is assembled. In almost all of my actual matches with it (tournament or testing), I won on either Turn 2 or 3 (not counting Time Walk turns), and have been exceptionally close to multiple Turn 1 kills. Yet, there is one area of Old School Magic that deserves more attention: combo. I must ask, what is the win condition in your Time Vault/Stasis deck? In addition, I probably should have run more Sylvan Library as a draw engine, a card that Mark Chalice probably should have run more of as well in both of his Recursion combo decklists! Verduran Enchantress can build up a tremendous amount of card draw within a few turns, with Dance of Many triggering and duplicating the Enchantress in the process. This site © 2020, LLC The casket will fit perfectly into the vault and the vault is made with industrial polymer, it will seal with a water tight sealer. As Zak put it, “churning relies on playing and sacrificing your cards, running through your whole library every turn no matter how many cards are in your deck.” The key to this is Timetwister, which allows you to loop and churn. If you do decide to go in on Lich, I recommend Avoid Fates (in the sideboard) to protect yourself from Disenchant. That said, there are a few rough edges that need to be tweaked. Crumble is here both as removal but also life gain. This deck can win often on turn 1 and win consistently on turn 2. An alternative  win condition is a pseudo-Fireball; It’s a Forked Storm Seeker to win the game after a Timetwister. that you don’t need to win immediately to eventually win the game. In 1 decks 0% of 419297 decks. VIN 4 / 2 . That’s because, like creatures, these threats require multiple turns to inflict damage, much as creatures do. Unlike the two archetypes reviewed so far, this is not a strategy I have personal experience testing or working on, but it is something I’ve faced many times (and own all of the cards for). Here is the list I’ve worked on for a few years, and enjoyed playing: I’m very proud to present this list. Thus, this article was organized into: Fireball, Mirror, Edge, Underworld Dreams, and other win condition decks. Contemporary Storm decks in Vintage and Legacy follow this essential formula, but with many more deck building constraints. But, when paired with mass symmetrical draw spells such as Timetwister or Wheel of Fortune, Underworld Dreams quickly becomes a fast-acting win condition that can kill you in an instant. Each win conditions springs the mind to action, exploring ways to abuse each, and to fuel each. The Enchantresses serve as the draw engine here, drawing cards to find more combo pieces and help accelerate to the next loop. If you would begin your turn while Time Vault is tapped, you may skip that turn instead. In short, there are more viable draw engines to support combo strategies in Old School than may be generally appreciated. $799.99. To see how it is used in contemporary Old School, I would direct your attention to Justin Beckert’s notable 5th Place Finish at the Eternal Central Old School event in 2015: Beckert’s performance was not only notable, it was also remarkable. And, despite their appellation, Control decks usually win with creatures as well (as we saw in Chapter 2), although sometimes they win through sheer attrition or dedicated milling strategies, like Millstone. We allowed it (as described in Chapter 10), and I would encourage others to do so, until it’s proven that there is a dominant deck as a result. This is one of the most exciting stops in our journey. Top 10 Two-Card Infinite MTG Combos from Modern and Legacy for Your Commander Decks ‘Combo’ is a word that has been a part of Magic: the Gathering since its very beginning. This deck is a fragile but powerful combo deck that spends its early turns developing its board with Mana Vaults, Sylvan Library and Howling Mine. In our Mortal Kombat … I interviewed Mark for my History of Vintage series, and he explained many of the intricacies of the deck. I am going to talk a little about the deck here as it has caused some curiosity among opponents and because I think combo is a bit underdeveloped in the current 93/94 meta.