Under Lamarckian evolution, physical traits were passed from parent to offspring (e.g. Evangelism Ray Comfort: Intelligent Design vs. Evolution By Ray Comfort Special to ASSIST News Service. Comfort: What do you call a person who steals? In the broader culture, it is assumed that evolution is a fact, and creation is a religious belief. Engaging." Ever heard of the, How about a motor that was made without a motor engineer? After many generations when the species grow in size, it makes sense that a device that would help move the flow of blood (like the heart) would be very advantageous so those without it would tend not to compete well. Here, Comfort's argument is structured as "A painting had a painter, a watch had a watchmaker, therefore creation must have a creator." A man who has never been to university thinks he can disprove the most strongly support theory in the history of science. Your selected delivery location is beyond seller's shipping coverage for this item. Read 6 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. What Comfort is doing here is simply asserting and assuming that we live in a creation without any verification or justification: Overall, all of these things occur naturally without invoking an intelligent designer. [9], Comfort's Living Waters Ministry is a 501(c)(3) organization and so has public financial records; its most recent public 990 form, from 2014,[note 2] states that LWM had a $3,476,215 revenue and $3,390,970 expenses. Watch as they present their most compelling evidence for Darwinian evolution. Comfort's most popular argument is the "are you a good person?" if your arm muscles are strong from constant weight lifting, then your offspring will have more muscular arms). Speaking of which, isn't orbiting around the sun sort of like moving? Perhaps the biggest audience he ever has was the debate with the Rational Response Squad on Nightline television, where Comfort revealed he could not prove God scientifically (which he had promised to do) and that his whole argument relies on faith and belief. All he wants is an audience to preach to. Comfort then "quotes" from Ask a Scientist: (quotes in text mark Comfort's quotes). Comfort's logic fails when you ask certain questions; like if everything requires a creator, who created God? Look at the rock formation in Maui's Iao Valley State Park that bears a striking resemblance to President, Have we seen other human-like faces pop up naturally in nature? Again, it is clear that Comfort is completely ignorant of several facts. Some Gobies breathe air using the method proposed by Comfort, aeration of the gills, but they are not from the lineage that led to lungs. In this book Comfort displays more than ever that he is a snake oil salesman, starting with the quote on the dust cover that cancer is the "modern day leprosy."[11][72]. Christians of the Comfort type are made to feel guilty and to fear God's wrath if they glance at another person and think "Isn’t he/she attractive?" [note 3]. Actually, yes we have seen bridges form without a builder. Comfort: Do you think you are a good person? Comfort stooped to his usual tiresome pretzel logic (on the sympathetic forum of WND, of course) in order to explain the shooting spree by James Eagan Holmes in Aurora, Colorado. CBN.com – Is Bill Maher a Chicken?. A lot of his "work" is public domain material that he has taken from elsewhere, collated and published. Many of these experiences have been tested several times over the years. Many, many people talk of their love and experience of God; how could they be wrong? We also know that evolution of living organisms can develop characteristics that give the illusion of design. Evangelist Ray Comfort—who is controversial in some circles and known for a style of street evangelism that involves trying to convince people of their need for God through his own interpretation of moral logic—is also a young Earth advocate and disputes evolution. Then again, maybe he's just distinguished himself as idiot of the week. Comfort interprets the reference the "Prince of Rosh" in Ezekiel 38 as Russia (using Smith’s Bible Dictionary, p. 584 as proof). On the blog, Comfort forbids foul language (however he interprets "foul") and links to other websites. Once a person is found guilty of one or all of these, Comfort declares this is why the person should turn to Jesus. Comfort's approach to proving the existence sometimes consists of anti-evidentialism similar to presuppositionalism: Despite refusing to engage in evidentialist apologetics when inconvenient, Comfort believes that God can be scientifically proven. The Bible warns that if you are guilty you will end up in Hell. Why Jesus? July 13, 2020. Comfort asks you if you have ever lied, stolen, committed adultery in your heart by looking with lust, or taken God's name in vain. Lungfishes and their relatives (including tetrapods like us humans) have gut-derived lungs. Both of them see very well and I am thankful for the 137 million light sensitive cells that make sight possible. It does not comment on anything outside biology, and thus does not make any claims about the origin of the universe, galaxies or the Earth. You are found guilty, but then suddenly a man you do not know walks in, approaches the judge and pays your fine. For example, Likewise, we have seen traps form on their own. I pulled up to a set of traffic lights in my car and waited as an elderly gentleman cautiously drove in front of me from a driveway. ), Comfort claims to know the difference between what the theory of evolution really is and what the misunderstandings and fabrications (which he claims are the average persons belief) about it are. Another name for the fishapod is "Tiktaalik." Ray Comfort & Pat Robertson on Evolution February 19, 2009 Daniel Florien Patheos Explore the world's faith through different perspectives on religion and spirituality! Others employ novelties intended to amuse, such as a "ticket to heaven" that invites the reader to tear it if they do not need it; the ticket is printed on a type of plastic, making it difficult to rip. Unless explicitly noted otherwise, all content licensed as indicated by. series of books are just collections of that person's writings or speeches with no serious commentary, analysis, or other additional text. Evolution is unobservable. However, he's now expanded his fruity teleological article to other fruits such as the orange and coconut[21], which makes you wonder how he's going to explain fruits like deadly nightshade (poisonous to humans but sometimes mistaken for blackberries), the durian (thorny and stinky), that God-designed grapes are fine for humans, but toxic to God-designed dogs, or that God-designed coconuts falling from the tree may cause injury and even death (surely coconuts could be designed to grow from a low and safe bush? Don't waste your money, unless you enjoy being dumbed-down by morons. Ray comfort does a really good job exposing the rubbish of evolutionary belief that so called experts teach and so many believe just because its taught by self styled experts. "Wow! Darwin "theorized" no such thing. Some of his tracts are designed to resemble paper money, including fake $100, $1,000 and $1 million bills. Ray Comfort on The Evolution of Jerks. Creation Science Review. It is only 38 minutes long so if you have time you should check it out. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. [86] However, not just any fossil would do, and Comfort demanded that someone show him a lizard producing a bird, a dog producing a cat or, even stranger, a sheep producing a chicken. [13] Even when it was pointed out to Comfort during a debate with the Atheist Experience[14] that modern-day medicine depends on the theory of evolution (e.g. As you can imagine, we receive a lot of email messages. Ray Comfort Responds to Genie Scott on Creationist 'Origin of Species' November 02, 2009 12:57 PM ET In the third installment of a debate between creationist Ray Comfort and scientist Eugenie Scott, Comfort defends his new version of Darwin's On the Origin of Species against a … Dr. Alternatively, he's an effective salesman who knows how to get the faithful to fork over money for his products to help support his comfortable lifestyle Godly ministry. Comfort frequently attacks atheism, humanism, and the lack of God-worship as the sources of modern sins, such as homosexuality and school shootings. We see patterns in clouds, crystals, and snowflakes, but we already know that they all manifest naturally without a designer. However, the scientific method is a way of discovering truth by repeatably testing, making accurate predictions, and engaging in peer review. Ray Comfort So, by your own admission, you are a lying, thieving, adulterous, blasphemer, and when Jesus comes again on judgment day, how do you think he's going to treat you? Comfort has written twice about a National Geographic article regarding seven "missing links" that have been found since Darwin and then immediately stated that the fossils in the article are missing and completely imaginary:[34]. Have you ever looked at a woman with lust? There are numerous transitional fossils between genera and families, however, Comfort's faith demands that he willingly dismiss them outright. He also plagiarized Stan Guffey's work, and recognizes that plagiarism is a form of stealing (see the plagiarism section on this page). In the 60s with the advances in science, Scientists were convinced it would be the end of religion.Here we are 50 years later, and it looks like the biblical truths are holding their own. Comfort loves to talk about "kinds", an unscientific label that creationists invented to make the Global Flood easier to explain: In this quote, Comfort admits transitional fossils do exist (contradicting himself) but he is either ignorant or willfully ignorant of the transitional fossils between two distinct animals such as land animals and whales. This shows that Comfort has no intention of having an open and honest discussion with scientists regarding the evidence for evolution. Hear expert testimony from leading evolutionary scientists at some of the world's top universities. The more it's going to run from the light. And Comfort maintains - without giving a reason - that it has to be the god of the Bible, not any other god or gods. Heathen: A liar. How the first self-replicating molecules (and later genes) came about may seem similar to evolution, and may even involve a form of natural selection in some way, but it is in fact a very different question called abiogenesis. Relatedly, Comfort claims to have run over his dog while riding his bike because his dog refused to follow his warnings about running in front of his bike. We're not sure why we are supposed to believe the analogy to a crashing plane, much less know it, but Comfort asserts it's true.[49]. Dr. Jason Lisle, ICR Comfort is not interested in any intellectual debates; rather, he is more interested in a large audience (the bigger, the better). Comfort often provides the following biography in his books and websites: Comfort's YouTube channel, "Living Waters", had 739,000 subscribers and 140 million views in November 2020. The biggest piece that reveals Comfort's vast ignorance regarding the theory of evolution is that the theory does not claim that individuals evolve, but that populations evolve, so there would already be males and females present at all times. There was no period where males and females evolved separately. One such group is commonly referred to as lungfishes. In other words, he's about as receptive to reason as the average brick. ", rather more accurately the question should be "are you a good Jew?" But many do. However, personal experience is not sufficient both because it cannot be empirically tested, and personal experiences can produce countless feelings that seem real but are, in fact, not. So if anyone is going to examine whether another person has broken the Ten Commandments, the first question should not be "are you a good person? If you have done those things God sees you as a lying, thieving, blasphemous, adulterer at heart. And that is Ray's goal, not to see if a person is good or not, but to draw people into his religion by making them feel guilty for breaking Jewish laws, claim they will face punishment, then offer them salvation (Jesus) and reward (Heaven). A compelling presentation of the faith-based nature of evolutionism. To this day, Comfort falsely links the Big Bang theory, the origin of life (abiogenesis) and evolution as if they are one or as if they are dependent on each other, but the fact is they are separate fields and do not require the others to stand on their own. Same thing with, There will be false Christs and many false prophets who will deceive many. Evolution Vs. God . Shaking the foundations of faith 38min documentary short 22 july 2013 usa ray comfort new zealand born evangelist takes to the streets to ask random people to provide him with evidence for evolution along with four evolutionary biologists. You take your time. They don't have empirical evidence for the Fishapod, but they do have a painting. According to Comfort (and Jesus himself, Matthew 5:27-30) looking at another person with lust is equivalent to adultery. You plead with the judge to have mercy and you point out that you have done many good things in your life, but since he is a righteous judge and you have violated the law, he must punish you. Fill in the blank. This leads to some … interesting and … creative … conclusions. [....] If the Lord commanded me to rape and kill my own children tonight, it would be done by morning." Finally! According to Comfort, it's "the humanistic worldview" that "says that no one is born with a sinful (evil) nature" which makes mass murder "normal", not the fact that Holmes was probably batshit crazy when he perpetrated his crime.[61]. Enjoy the best Ray Comfort Quotes at BrainyQuote. (Was this ever not so? The DVD cover photo for Ray Comfort's new Evolution VS. God film. Paul Taylor, Creation Today Eric Hovind, President Creation Today Not once in this entire blog or any other material does Comfort give any valid explanations or any form of scientific inquiry to explain why he does not accept Tiktaalik as a transitional fossil. Comfort: Jesus said that anybody who looked at a women in lust is guilty of adultery in his heart. That’s not God’s will. Apart from Russia attacking Israel, Comfort believes that the end of times as predicted in the Bible is coming. If you are looking for an intelligent discussion on the topic, you will be sorely disappointed! Now imagine you are in a court standing before the judge. Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort are now promoting Evolution!!! In response to PZ Myers, who wrote a blog explaining the evolution of sex and elephants, Comfort responded with the following: For starters, why does Comfort insist that the male always came first? The Calvary Chapel, founded by Chuck Smith,[note 1] teaches the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Ghost) and that the Bible is inerrant. Comfort: You've taken the name of the God who gave you life as a cuss word and that's called blasphemy. It seems that Comfort thinks that evolution claims that a dog can exist and live for millions of years. Comfort is a big fan of the argument from design, and loves to talk about how amazing the human eyes are and does not accept that the eye evolved. The clip, posted in 2006, demonstrates why the world needs better science education, which was one of the goals behind the recent creationism debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye. Hardly a program, book, or interview goes by where Comfort does not use this argument. The point is, religious laws do not determine if a person is ethical or good in general, it only determines whether a person is worthy for the reward offered by said religion. Assuming God or gods made the universe is not a good explanation because it leaves unexplained how deity/deities complex enough to create the universe exist. The "Fishapod" is a crocodile head and a fish body. Spontaneous creation of the Universe Ex Nihilo, Atheist Experience #702 20 Mar 11 Ray Comfort Interview, Ray Comfort Apologizes for Saying There’s No Gravity in Space. Heathen: Yes. However, his tactics and methods of getting a debate are rather immature and despicable. Some Christians condemn him for that. Labyrinth fishes like gouramis have a labyrinth organ. It is only 38 minutes long so if you have time you should check it out. [90] Comfort knows that was naughty, and said so himself.[91]. In case you don't remember, in 2009 Ray and his Living Waters ministry produced 100,000 copies of a 150th anniversary edition of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species and distributed them free on college campuses. Hitler, murderers, rapists, or anyone else, can be just as wicked as they want their whole life to their last minute, but that's clearly fine with Comfort. Gail E. Kennedy, Associate Professor, Anthropology, UCLA A Review of the video Evolution vs. God: shaking the foundations of faith, by Matthew R. McClure. Absolutely not. There are several problems with Comfort's argument: First: The argument uses the Ten Commandments as a model for sin. And yet Comfort is perfectly fine to believe that all humans descended from only two people and certain biblical figures (like Adam and Noah) lived for several hundred to almost a thousand years. It lists Ray Comfort as having $128,200 compensation, Emeal Zwayne (Comfort's son-in-law) as $129,018, and Daniel Comfort as $109,163. Comfort presupposes that everything around him is designed, particularly life. He's again willing to spend tons of money to promote his narrow vision of religion while attacking modern science. Have you ever told a lie, stolen anything or used God’s name in vain? He also cohosts the award–winning television program Way of … Evolution: A Fairy Tale for Grownups is a book, published in 2008, where Ray Comfort asks a series of questions that he hopes will undermine people's acceptance of the theory of evolution.The problems with Comfort's dishonest approach are detailed below, with a side-by-side commentary, critical analysis of this book, and highlights of certain fallacies that keep cropping up throughout the book. According to the religion Ray Comfort follows, the Ten Commandments were given by God to Moses to give to the Israelites (the Jews) — the Chosen People. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. The film is aimed not at gays but rather at Christians who are urged to harass gays bring gays to repent and feel bad about themselves. How did the blood transfer through the body without a heart? Comfort is a Young Earth creationist (YEC),[12] stating categorically, "there is no such thing as evolution". Homosexuality—a Sign of the End of the Age? Ray Comfort on The Evolution of Jerks. The lungfish is a freshwater fish which has the ability to breathe air with lungs. "The only thing scientific about the theory of evolution is that it is science fiction. Second, if we all share a common ancestor whose population consisted of male and female, and given varying genetic frequencies among reproductive populations (leading to (usually subtle) changes in their morphological or physiological composition, which—when compiled over successive generations—can increase biodiversity) and the fact nothing can’t outgrow heredity (due to Dollo's law of irreversibility), it is no surprise that horses, giraffes, cattle, zebras, leopards, primates, antelopes, pigs, dogs, sheep, fish, goats, mice, squirrels, whales, chickens, dinosaurs, beavers, cats, human beings and rats all have male and females? July 13, 2020. Third: So what does the Bible say about salvation? [66] He also claims that, without Judeo-Christian ethics, the atheists of Europe would happily consume "fresh cat casseroles" and "tasty little kitten fingers".[67]. Please, repent (turn from sin) today and trust in Jesus, and God will grant you everlasting life. with evolution, he was only persuaded to publish his work when he learned that another young naturalist, Alfred russell wallace, was developing ideas about the evolution of species similar to his own. 1,711 talking about this. Have you ever told a lie? Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Intelligent Design Vs. Evolution: Letters to an Atheist. | (Photo: livingwaters.com) Christian evangelist and author Ray Comfort says a deluge of downloads of his new movie "Evolution vs. God," which he released on Tuesday, caused his website to crash due to the heavy demand. This analogy kind of falls apart though since the judge, being an omniscient God, would still have the evidence for his sins. Ray Comfort, Peter Nonacs, Craig Stanford, Gail E. Kennedy. [44] Comfort argues that one knows who God is the way one knows a spouse (and therefore, one supposes, knows there is a god, in some backwards logic handstands); that is, personal experience (Thunderf00t debates Ray Comfort). Ray Comfort is at it again. The reason why these experiences seem real is because the area of the brain (amygdala, hippocampus, limbic system, etc.) In 1979, Comfort published More Than Just Comfort: An Answer to Cancer. Comfort had a standing $10,000 challenge to anyone who could show him a transitional fossil. To Comfort, that means saying things like "OMG" or "oh my God!" Evolution only deals with biology and explaining biodiversity. Comfort's view on salvation changes with the wind at times. It is also presented in practically every gospel tract printed and distributed by Way of the Master. A simple question to an unproven theory opens the door for intellectual and spiritual discussion and debate. This DVD shows it is unscientific, by interviewing evolutionary scientists from UCLA and USC, as well as biology majors. Another favorite of his is trying to disprove evolution with the evolution of sex. The nice quote from Ask a Scientist refers to single-celled organisms[30] — no human being has ever reproduced by splitting in half. But the theory of evolution doesn’t predict such things. Comfort claims that a person cannot know if something exists until they feel it. "Fascinating. What you said is is exactly what the Bible said you would say, therefore you prove the Bible yet again! The blog will be called "Words of Comfort" and it will have a much broader content than just atheism. I promote freedom of speech so go at it!! About God; About the Bible; Life Questions. Discover The Truth. Men’s hearts will fail them for fear of the future; humanity will be selfish, materialistic, arrogant, proud. ), When the subject of the book was raised on Comfort's Facebook page, he defended it by saying:[73]. Calvary Chapel espouses a premillennial eschatology in which Christ's Second Coming and thousand-year reign as King of the Earth will occur after the rapture and tribulation. Ray Comfort is at it again. Ray Comfort does a really good job exposing the rubbish of evolutionary belief that so called experts teach and so many believe just because its taught by self styled experts. And he admits that he chooses to argue against the fabrications instead of the real thing.[22]. A Review of the video Evolution vs. God: shaking the foundations of faith, by Matthew R. McClure. Comfort is also known for deliberate quote-mining, with many recorded instances to prove it. Comfort blogs at "Words of Comfort." God deems it just and righteous to send you to an eternal damnation if you lie to your spouse that they look good in their jeans. Would you go to heaven or hell? Reviewed in the United States on April 12, 2018, did not realize it was produced by religious individuals, was hoping it would be more objective, Reviewed in the United States on September 28, 2018. Evolution vs. God is an anti-evolution video produced by Ray Comfort. PZ Myers, Associate Professor, Biology, University of Minnesota Morris a lizard producing a bird, a dog producing a cat or, even stranger, a sheep producing a chicken, Origin of Species: 150th Anniversary Edition, Nothing Created Everything: The Scientific Impossibility of Atheistic Evolution, Intelligent Design vs. Evolution - Letters to an Atheist, Scientific Facts in the Bible: 100 Reasons to Believe the Bible is Supernatural in Origin, Origin of Species (2009): Accusations of plagiarism, Rational Response Squad debate with Way of the Master, THE RAYTRACTORS — RAY COMFORT'S DETRACTORS, "Uncomfortable Questions for Ray Comfort and Believers in Hell", "Ray Comfort succeeds Ted Haggard as Most Gay Evangelical", "Banana Man" Ray Comfort Now Wants to Convince You God Designed Coconuts, Kirk Cameron, From Sitcom Star to Evangelist, Christian Evangelist's Book Ranked Bestselling 'Atheist' Item, Ray Comfort's Money Machine - The Pay of the Master - B2B, Kirk Cameron's and Ray Comfort's Way of the Master Series, An Interview with Creationist, Filmmaker, and Banana-Enthusiast Ray Comfort. the inventor of the "Crocoduck"), Comfort produces the Way of the Master series including TV shows and internet articles. In the broader culture, it is assumed that evolution is a fact, and creation is a religious belief. Comfort’s video clearly illustrates that evolution is not science—evolution is theory; the film plainly shows that belief in evolution is not scientific; belief in evolution is faith—blind faith. Anon The Evolution V. God video is only a bit over thirty minutes in length, but it is one of the most power packed blows to the evolutionary model produced in this decade. They headlined "Seven Major 'Missing Links' Since Darwin," and the number one missing link was a "Fishapod." Sure, Christians love to cheer every time they see Jesus' face appear on grilled cheese sandwiches. Evangelism Ray Comfort: Intelligent Design vs. Evolution By Ray Comfort Special to ASSIST News Service. First: He distills his doctrine of salvation to: Other Christians disagree with this. Comfort said the Sandy Hook massacre happened because America has apparently "lost its fear of God. Share with your friends. Comfort: What are you called if you tell a lie? Note that as evolutionary theory would predict, different evolutionary lineages of fish have developed different ways to get oxygen from air.