The integrated mouse keys have a satisfactory and audible click when pressed. According to our colorimeter, the MSI WS65's panel blasted 251% of the sRGB color gamut, toppling the workstation average (155%), the Precision 7730 (211%), the ZBook 15 (112%) and the ThinkPad P1 (179%). Its gaming prowess is decent and roughly comparable to the older GeForce GTX 965M with the narrow memory bus being a major limiting factor. When running Prime95, clock rates spike to 4 GHz for about 25 seconds until hitting a core temperature of 77 C. Thereafter, clock rates drop to 3.3 GHz in order to maintain a cooler core temperature of 67 C. If Cooler Boost mode is enabled, clock rates become only 100 to 200 MHz faster while CPU temperatures becomes even cooler at just 50 C. Thus, Cooler Boost is more useful for temperature control rather than performance control. When gaming or running demanding loads, the hot spot shifts to the other corner of the chassis nearest the heat pipes where it can be anywhere between 40 C and 47 C. The WASD keys, clickpad, and palm rests remain relatively cool no matter the load while surfaces closer to the "P" key can become as warm as 40 C. We stress the laptop with synthetic loads to identify for any potential throttling or stability issues. Intel Eluktronics MAG 15 laptop with Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut and Cooler Master MasterGel offers just marginal temperature improvements when gaming. On the 3DMark FIre Strike Ultra benchmark, the MSI WS65 scored 4,369, which once again crushes the scores from the category average (3,028), the Precision 7730 (3,953), the ZBook 15 (1,645) and the ThinkPad P1 (1,576). Power Supply (max.) Travel is much shallower while clatter and feedback are slightly louder and more uneven, respectively. Our unit also suffers from moderate uneven backlight bleeding along the bottom left corner of the screen as shown by the picture below. MSI's branded version of the Realtek Audio Console app was useless, as it only made the audio sound worse. The Razer Blade 15 Mercury Edition Gaming laptop vs the MSI P65 Creator Laptop. More MSI WP65 configurations. Prices start at about $1400 USD with storage and RAM sizes going up to 2 TB and 64 GB total. The MSI WP65 is designed for the professional content creator and designers within the AEC, media entertainment, and CAD. We experienced no software issues during our time with the test unit. It blasted through 40 Google Chrome tabs and five 1080p YouTube videos while Spotify ran in the background without a single sign of slowdown. MSI also throws in a Driver and App center program that lets you keep certain drivers up to date. The MSI WS65 took 10 minutes and 36 seconds to transcode a 4K video to 1080p on our HandBrake benchmark, which was a little slower than the category average (10:18). The cooling solution consists of one 60 mm fan and three copper heat pipes. cpu : intel core i7-9750h ram : 16 gb (8gb x2) ddr4 2666mhz storage : 512 gb pcie/nvme m.2 ssd display : 15.6" full hd ips vga : nvidia quadro p620 4 gb gddr5 os : windows 10 home Buena apariencia, pero sin huesos. © When under medium or gaming loads, consumption becomes close to what we recorded on the Lenovo ThinkPad P52 equipped with the older Quadro P1000 GPU. You'd have to upgrade to MSI's higher-end WS series or the uber-powerful WT series if you want these ordinary workstation options. The screen was also sharp enough to pick up the fine stitching in Black's vest. Other workstations like the ThinkPad P1 or Precision 7000 offer firmer keys with deeper travel whereas the typing experience on the WP65 feels more like a consumer Ultrabook. The base model costs $2,199 and comes with an Intel Core i7-9750H processor, 16GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD, a … Utilizing the latest Intel 9th generation Core I and Nvidia Quadro P620 GPU, the WP65 delivers smooth rendering for visual productivity workflow at a great budget. See our dedicated page on the Core i7-9750H for more technical information and benchmark comparisons. Despite that, the fans were on Auto during the test. Laptops: MSI WP65 9TH-432CA 15.6" FHD Mobile Workstation Intel Core i7-9750H Quadro P620 16GB 512G NVME SSD WIN10 Pro The WP65 targets entry-level to mid-range professional users in the same vein as the HP ZBook 15u, Lenovo ThinkPad P52s, and the Dell Precision 3541 series. There's a gold, stylized W for workstation stamped just above the center of the hood. Once inside, users have direct access to core components like the dual storage bays, dual SODIMM slots, WLAN module, and the main battery. However, it landed a 3rd-place finish against the Precision 7730 (223 fps) and the ZBook 15 (235 fps).