Like with many other Kakao apps, you can comfortably use it with English menus, dialog boxes, directions, etc. To use this application, users will need at least Android 6.0, and the required permission must be given. introduced KakaoMetro - Subway Navigation undefined suitable for Android operating system and also iOS but the truth is you may also install KakaoMetro - Subway Navigation on … The subway station’s WiFi is used … Another app worth trying, tailored to tourists but useful for any visitors, is "dropin" The desktop version of Daum Maps is still Korean-only. T-money is a rechargeable transportation card used on subways, buses, some taxis, and even to make some purchases in designated areas. You can avoid the hassle of buying tickets every time you ride public transportation while enjoying discounts along the way. Smarter subway navigation . Children—Use and dose must be determined by your doctor. The Korean version of Uber is another extremely popular application that you should also consider downloading onto your phone when in Korea. But, since most of the information is in numbers, it is easy enough to use. This app is currently a hybrid Korean/English app. 3.6.0 Update - Fixed subway route errors below OS 6.X - Improved stability. * Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Switch to KakaoMetro and enjoy a neat screen and lots of useful Subway information. Try our subway maps reflecting real locations. ... 헤이카카오 Hey Kakao Lifestyle. If you miss a dose of this medicine, take it as soon as possible. We can all be grateful to Kakao Corporation for such a good navigation, subway, information application. It’s an app that’s securely registered and licenses only to verified Korean taxi drivers. Free Download KakaoMetro - Subway Navigation for PC using our guide at BrowserCam. Also, landmarks … The app also shows the fastest route to your destination, which is based on the timetables provided by Seoul Metro and other Transit Corporations. Subway Navigation has been reborn as KakaoMetro. Offers more useful information such as the carriage nearest to the exit and bus information near an exit. More accurate arrival alarm . The app has an advantage over competitors due to the millions of memberships in Kakao accounts (the top messaging app in Korea). Better and smarter way to take subway, KakaoMetro. Note that this English imagery only applies to the mobile app. Children—Use and dose must be determined by your doctor. It is useful and works fine on my Android phone and tablet. Finding a taxi in the early morning or during rush hours can be a daunting task, but not if you use Kakao Taxi. Users will quickly find what carriage they need to use and which exist to take in every station. The second app that I use is Kakao Bus. With the push of a button, a nearby taxi will be alerted and heading straight to you. KakaoMap (formerly the Daum Maps app) got updated recently from version 1.0.8 to 1.0.9, but don't let that tiny decimal fool you. The T-money card is the most used method of payment for transportation for locals as well. From the arrival time (down to a few seconds), to how many seats are available. KakaoTalk Social Networking. It's great to see Kakao continue to release quality products in English, as they also did recently with Kakao Taxi [here and here]. Kakao Metro, the fastest and easiest way to move around the subway. New impovements in KakaoMetro? * KakaoMetro’s route search service is based on the timetables provided by Seoul Metro and other Transit Corporations. Missed Dose . KakaoTaxi was launched around a year and a half ago for customers to contact taxi drivers in the vicinity, without just waiting for them to drive by. This update included a hugely important feature: an English interface. Kakao Corporation. Subway maps have been created based on real subway station locations in Seoul Metropolitan, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju and Daejeon. For oral dosage form (extended-release tablets): For bacterial vaginosis: Adults—750 milligrams (mg) once a day for 7 days. The benefit of Kakao Bus is that it includes information on every aspect of buses in Seoul.