Would be useful to have an update on the official vet stats in the article. Its, 2 am and I am anxious about my 10 months old kitten who I have seen being attacked by a fox. A complacant attitude to a growing problem. My dog has been attacked by a fox in our back garden 3 times in the past two weeks. best to keep older cats in at least. If he is still having problems, it would be best to have hims seen by a veterinarian, as they can examine him and see what treatment he needs. My outdoor cat got a bite at the base of her tail yesterday. Unfortunately, he probably needs veterinary care after a trauma like that. Fudge was 9 and a fit and healthy cat. We live next to a field, in a semi urban area just outside Brighton. I encourage a certain female fox with a cub to come back a lot but I don’t know if I should continue to do so. They were quite brazen and despite my efforts kept coming back towards my injured cat who eventually managed to drag himself under our car. As I came up the garden, I noticed about 5/6 big clumps of her fur on the lawn. direct hosts…We as pet owners are legally obliged to have our pets injected yearly with the Echinococcus treatment. Unfortunately we found my lovely cats body minus her head right by the foxes den. Something needs to be done. Several years ago I witnessed a cat (not one of mine) being attacked by a Greyhound in a garden and the dog shook it around like a ragdoll until it was dead. Scratches and puncture of the eye is possible. It looked like a strong healthy young cat but had been ripped open. Luckily he dropped her. I have heard more stories about cats chasing foxes out of gardens than cats being victims. Unfortunately we found out cat dead last week in our neighbors garden, we couldn’t understand what had happened as she’s such a good friendly cat, another neighbor has CCTV and showed us two foxes on it and one carried her into the garden (she wasn’t moving at this point), still trying to figure out if it was them that killed her or they had found her, as they are supposed to be scavengers? Thank god we saw it and made lots of noise to put him/her off. He ran away after 6 days he came home and when I pick him up or pet him I can feel his insides swishing around like something is alive in his his. Reading all these blogs I can see I’m not the only one having problems with foxes in Harrow. Most cat bites occur when cat owners are bitten by their pets. Something has to be done about getting rid of these vicious animals from our back gardens. It was such a relief, but it still could be someone else’s cat the fox was chasing! It does happen very sadly! My 16 year old Ragdoll cat was attacked by fox early one evening. Last night my husband and I were woken up by a fox’s cry and as our 17 year old tabby was or At home, we rushed outside to rescue him. Our neighbours pregnant cat had her legs eaten by a fox and killed as a result. So many fox attacks here. Will certainly be investigating ways to seal up the gaps in the fences so she can roam or sleep without wild fox attacks! I used to accept these views as it was always the common view but after witnessing my four month old kitten being carried off in the mouth of a fox I refuse to believe that foxes are not a threat to pet cats and small dogs. A fox bite is painful but offers less potential for infection than a domestic cat bite or scratch – cats being regarded in animal rescue circles as the animal most likely to transmit serious infection. My one year old cat went missing 3 days ago. Just watched it this minute chase a fox out the garden and into the fields. I’m afraid of letting my 3 cats out after dark now but they’re protesting about being locked in. He's had his rabies and distemper shots, but I'm worried. I think we know how smart Foxes are, I once had one come in through the catflap. I just hope he was caught sleeping and did not have to suffer! Pheromones are definitely a good start, and you’ll need to give them a bit of time as they can take a little while to start working so please do persist with these. I Found my neighbours cat dead in my garden this morning last week had to see off a fox that was getting aggressive towards her, she was just a few years old and fit enough climbing a 2 metre high fence in one leap, now I wouldn’t trust urban Fox’s any my garden will be seen off. No doubt in my mind that foxes kill/eat cats, but how on earth can you protect them? My 1year old cat Nico has been missing for a few days now, its not like him to go wondering off for days. Enter your postcode to reveal your local vet ratings and reviews, another attack on a baby by an urban fox in London, Populist, radical measures such as destroying foxes in an area, http://www.abcbirds.org/abcprograms/policy/cats/index.html, http://www.peta.org/living/companion-animals/caring-animal-companions/caring-cats/indoor-cats/, Äter rävar katter? They are getting smarter and confident, how long until it’s kids in Prams or playing in back yards? Cat bite abscesses are most common on the tail, top of the head, legs, face and neck. When this happens, bite wounds can occur. Very sad and horrific! It would be worth checking with local vet practices – foxes or (more likely) cars, or even just lost, they’ll probably have “lost and found” books to check. I’ve heard so many times over the years vets and fox/wildlife ‘experts’ state that foxes don’t attack or kill cats, that if they do hunt cats then it’s not as a group but on their own and that a cat is particularly adept at scaring off foxes. PLEASE WAKE UP! I’m a single parent with little income and want to take care of my son and his cat. I’m so sorry for everyone who’s lost their cat, our pets become part of the family. We live in Surbiton, so these are urban foxes. Treatment of bite wounds will involve several steps. Its weird but my other cat hugo slept in nicos sleeping area the night nico didnt turn up, maybe he misses nico too. This was in Harrow North West London. Manchester. The area I live in (Leeds) has huge numbers of urban foxes which in my opinion are out of control. Yes, cats have some ability to escape and some ability to defend themselves. I just witnessed a fox run at full speed to attack our old cat in full daylight sitting on our backdoor step. I have always taken these wounds in … I live in Central London and can vouch that foxes definitely poise a threat to cats and a nuisance in our area. We will definitely be keeping him in at night from now on though. I would chase them off but had to bang hard with dustpan and brush for them to shift away. Luckily other than licking it the bite doesn't seem to be bothering her much and shes still eating and playing like normal. We must stop throwing out food for the birds and feeding our pets outside.
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