✗ He is unable to persuade people to get the job done. ✓ He has good interpersonal skills and knows how to maintain good relationship with others and keep them satisfied. ✗ His work doesn’t pass inspection by other team members. Add, remove, and assign new team members at any time. ✓ He has the ability to control his time and his staff’s time. ✓ He found a creative workaround that improved processes for the team. ✗ He fails to maintain his normally positive attitude in stressful situations and often resorts to inappropriate tone and language. ✗ He excessively tries to talk about non-work related topics. Step 2: Users will click the “Open Submission Form” button to fill in and submit the report. ✓ He discourages gossip or other negative discourse at the workplace. ✗ He was an expert staff member but nothing has shown that she is proficient enough to become a manager. ✓ He demonstrates setting a high bar for ethical behavior. ✗ He constantly searches for different and better ways to accomplish goals. ✓ He is very knowledgeable about the products and special features of the company’s products. ✗ Despite being a team member, he doesn’t complete his allocated tasks. ✓ He is decisive in difficult situations. ✓ He has remained firmly focused on his team’s goals despite the tremendous pressure recently. He always performs his assignments through initiative without supervision. ✓ He is the group leader and allocates appropriate tasks to his teammates. ✓ He has good relationships with all of her peers. ✓ He is willing to get her hands dirty with his employees to ensure the job gets completed on time. ✗ He gets distracted and doesn’t reach his goals or objectives. ✗ He does not have the ability to work under pressure. ✓ He had a difficult beginning but he and his team achieved the best performance of all groups in the company. Template Sample – Job Performance Review/Appraisal Example. ✗ He should strive to aim a little higher when setting goals. ✗ He is very reluctant to acknowledge his failures. File Format. He is one of those team members you would love to have on your team. ✓ He doesn’t let his viewpoint be clouded by doubt when faced with a problem. Additionally, company & team values could also be included in the list of competencies by some organisations. _____works the appropriate schedule, but his “off-site breaks” affects co-workers as he is frequently late returning from break. ✓ His uncanny ability to connect with people is a great personality attribute in his role as a manager. If he has promised to do something, he will fulfill his promise. If it needs to to completed, he will finish it. ✓ He effectively communicates personal concerns. ✓ He is always an attentive and active listener. ✓ He maintains a steady, positive attitude that helps. ✓ He works through conflict for positive solutions and results. Every day I come to work with a smile on my face. ✗ He needs close supervision when he is performing his assignments. ✓ He always goes above and beyond his job requirements to satisfy his customers. ✗ He assigns tasks to his employees without providing any information or feedback to keep them on the track. ✗ The quality of his work is unreliable. ✓ He makes people feel at home. ✗ He declares that training sessions are not necessary despite the many new challenges he and his team are facing. ✓ He was sensitive to the feelings and efforts of others. He finishes his work on time and with accuracy. ✗ He is creative but he has a tendency to act before thinking. ✗ He frequently avoids or delays attending training, or deployment of new programs. He needs to better understand personality types and how they interrelate. ✓ He offers assistance to others without needing to be asked. He has a strong work ethic. ✗ He doesn’t always communicate the right information to his staff to ensure they are successful with their tasks. ✗ He seizes any opportunity to avoid work and procrastinate. ✗ He shows himself to be a person who does not want to work with others. ✓ His approach to conflict resolution is exceptional, creating enhanced teamwork, without hard feelings. ✓ He deals with very complex topics and discussions. ✓ He is always ready for business trips when necessary for his job and for improving relationships with clients. ✓ He proactively shares progress towards goals. ✗ He has difficulty in locating the necessary information to complete his job responsibilities. In these situations, an annual performance review … ✗ He was unwilling to give help when requested to. A. He must learn to improve his communications with other employees and management. ✗ He is not very effective at managing his staff to high performance. ✗ He makes hasty decisions without first collecting the facts and data needed to make an informed decision. ✗ She is cautious and prefers to avoid confrontation. ✓ He plans his time off well in advance. She should address this immediately to remove the negative impacts on others. ✓ He can easily create a positive relationship with others and knows how to communicate with them. He can quickly analyze a situation and discover practical solutions. He finds it hard to distinguish between his personal relationships and work relationships. ✓ He submits paperwork related to his job accurately and on time. ✗ He relies on his knowledge and skills to perform without asking colleagues for help and advice. There are several files on this page, so choose the one titled “Performance Management Review Example.” You must sign up to get access. ✓ He thinks through potential resolutions to problems before making a rash judgment. ✗ He understands how to handle difficult employees and manage difficult staff. ✓ He gets involved and quickly adapts to different changes in different situations. ✓ He holds himself accountable for his team’s performance objectives and goals. ✗ He does not show a willingness to help his employees out even when production is behind. ✓ He is empathetic to the needs of others. ✓ He builds good relationships through open and friendly communication. He lacks the qualifications to be an effective mentor. ✗ He decides on the solution before properly analyzing it. If you want your performance review to really stick with employees, it must be a two-way conversation, with both sides contributing. Poor knowledge of web analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Netinsight, WebTrends. ✗ He consistently displays excessive hesitation when making a decision. ✗ He needs to work on his ability to accept feedback from coworkers. He shares anything he knows with other colleagues. ✗ He does not adhere to the sales script that is proven for success. Performance Review Phrases. ✗ He takes too much time to perform his tasks. ✗ He too often stifles innovation and creativity. ✓ He has strong communication with management on required updates in his job function. ✗ He interrupts others while they are speaking. ✗ He does not have the ability to implement a reasonable solution to an issue. ✓ He understands his team and how to motivate them to high performance. ✗ He fails to provide managers with the necessary information when a problem arises. ✓ He is able to learn concepts quickly and adopt them into his performance. ✗ He doesn’t spend enough time reviewing his work before handing it in as complete. ✗ He does not want to refer to different solutions or ideas except the ones that he is using. ✗ He has found it hard to becoming a manager after being a staff member. ✓ He effectively outlines the best case and worst case scenarios to aid decision-making. ✓ He is always exact when he performs his duties. ✓ He completes projects ahead of schedule without compromising quality. ✓ He always anticipates problems and thinks of creative solutions in advance. ✓ He is adept at discovering potential solutions for problems. A performance review template might comprise of data collected of an employee with regards to certain and relevant criteria on which the performance will be evaluated for appraisals, terminations, and transfers. Performance Review Example #1: GE. ✗ He has not joined the group even after being required to. ✗ He does not understand the core basics of the job. ✗ He tries to rationalize his less-than-meritorious behaviors. ✓ He actively seeks feedback, even when it’s not in agreement with his own view. ✗ He tends to resist activities where the path is unknown. ✗ He does not pay attention when others are talking and frequently asks silly questions. ✓ He works until the job is complete. ✓ He contributes to the success of the team on a regular basis. He is good manager who treats all employees equally, regardless of gender, age or any other factor. ✗ He consistently fails to be an effective team player. It is not to be handed to the appraiser as it is for their own analysis. ✓ He keeps his word under all circumstances. She should utilize this to promote her position in the company. A clothing store may place items on a rack by size, color or use. ✓ He is a great mentor who is very helpful to new staff. ✗ During his time, he has gained nothing but left only scars of bad relationships with others. When problems occur, he is often the first person who thinks and finds the most effective solutions to deal with them perfectly. He is not ready to generate or recognize new solutions when performing a task. ✓ He provides clear instructions and expectations. ✓ He Is empathetic when faced with customer issues. ✗ He is not technical enough for his role. 2. ✓ He is adept at facing difficult situations. ✗ He tries to clients’ questions immediately but neglects direct professional duties in the process. ✓ He regularly contributes suggestions on how to improve company processes. ✓ She shows sensitivity and consideration to other people’s feelings. We always put our trust in him because he is expert in working with our previous generation systems. Collaboration and Cooperation Part 1 Commitment and Professionalism Part 2 Attendance and Punctuality Part 3 Productivity and Quality of Work Part 4 Adaptability Part 5 Communication and Interpersonal Skills Part 6 Creativity and Innovation Part 7 Accountability Part 8 Customer Focus and Customer Satisfaction Part 9 Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Part 10 Dependability and … ✗ The quality of his products is unreliable. ✗ He focuses only on getting his own work accomplished. ✗ He doesn’t have a good relationship with his team members. ✗ He should not joke in the training classes. ✗ He appears to be a rigid manager, but if he thought in a more flexible way, it would do him well. ✓ He balances the overall strategy of the organization with tactical day-to-day tasks. ✓ He balances swift decision-making, with the ability to analyze the many angles to a problem. ✓ He quickly analyzes the pros and cons of any solution before deciding what is the most effective way to resolve a problem. ✓ He is enthusiastic about work and working with others. ✓ He demonstrates an enthusiastic approach to whatever method he is using to fulfill a task. ✓ He exhibits excellent proficiency in [relevant skill]. ✗ He actively seeks new ideas and approaches. ✗ He fails to keep confidential information secret. ✗ He often pays more attention on completing his tasks than support other teammates who might need his assistance. ✗ He sometimes treats his clients in an over-familiar manner. ✓ He promptly tackles changes during doing his assignments. Organize your products with thought. ✗ His demeanor can be unapproachable and this negatively impacts the morale of his team. From a manager’s point of view, it can be difficult to not repeat phrases to more than one individual about same competency. If a task must be completed it is better assigned to someone else. ✓ He constantly strives to be the best he possibly can be. ✓ He is able to connect with people in a uncomfortable environment and encourage them to do a great job. He easily builds an atmosphere of trust within his team. He does not know how to perform well. ✗ He does not require his staff to take part in the training sessions even only with minimum hours every year. ✓ He shows appropriate behavior and gestures, such as nodding or keeping eye contact to indicate attention and agreement. Technical concepts sometimes seem to pass him by. ✓ His knowledge of his job surpasses the required level. ✓ He developed a [program/initiative] that delivered [x] results. This may result in team members getting an impression that all performance reviews are generic and the same things are said to pretty much everyone. ✓ He possesses the perfect knowledge and skills that are useful for the his job. ✗ He has not related to his coworkers well. ✓ He is willing to work overtime until the project is finished. ✗ He is easily distracted at work. ✗ He thinks that the tools provided to him are not necessary and he does not use them. ✓ The team he has created is a good example for others to follow. He is very rarely on time. ✗ He consistently takes a rigid and practical, stance about things without thinking how she could creatively solve a problem. ✗ He is a capable manager but he is unable to influence people like a true leader. ✗ He is not effective at leading her team to high performance. ✓ He always seeks ways to enhance his abilities and better himself. ✓ He supervises and care about the performance of his subordinates. ✓ Monitor the process by frequently meeting with each member to show concern about their performance. ✗ His talents are very valuable to the company; nevertheless, his attitude to work is somewhat lacking. ✓ He consistently meets all/most deadlines. ✓ He helps form alliances between his staff members and foster a team-first environment. ✗ He frequently withholds information from his team. ✗ He has an inconsistent attitude that often negatively affects the team. ✗ He focuses his team on accomplishing individual tasks and neglects to consider what could be accomplished if the team worked more cohesively together. ✗ He is unwilling to work any overtime at all beyond his contracted 40-hour working week. ✓ He understands clearly that to complete the projects is a team effort. ✓ He has received a lot of positive appraisals from his subordinates and other line-managers. Marketing. His demeanor is rude and unfriendly. ✓ He is excellent at keeping written information about her assignments and projects. ✗ He avoids delivering bad news when necessary or leaves the responsibility to others. ✓ He acknowledges the accomplishments of employees and recognizes their contributions. ✗ His skill set does not meet requirements for the job. ✗ He is not aware how to adopt the latest technology. ✗ He can deal with customers on the phone very well, but he does not handle face to face customer contact very well. ✓ He is highly punctual on arrival to work and also meetings. ✗ He is good at supervising, but he cannot manage his staff to efficient performance. ✓ He knows how to apply appropriate knowledge and find information sources to make sound decisions. ✗ He demonstrates a lack of interest in contributing creative or innovative ideas. ✓ He completes work within established time lines. ✓ He thrives under pressure and brings the team together. ✓ He tackles the intricacies of the job with ease and flair. ✗ He appears uninterested in new duties. He recommends the most suitable solution. ✓ He is a positive influence on those around him and inspires them to work harder. ✗ His decision making process is too hurried. ✓ He is always improving himself and works well with others. ✓ His team and managers gave him positive feedback and good comments. He assigns suitable duties to each of them. ✓ He provides constant coaching and guidance to employees. ✓ He always analyzes an issue carefully and then looks for different ways to resolve that issue. ✗ He doesn’t accept responsibility well.
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